Weed Bars at Weddings and 3 Other Ways to Incorporate Cannabis on Your Big Day
Wearing white and going green.
Published on November 27, 2015

Usurping the traditional open bar at wedding receptions, weed bars have increasingly become de rigeuer at ceremonies in states where marijuana is legal. Instead of serving alcohol, newlyweds are choosing to set up weed tents at their reception, offering guests an array of strains along with a budtender to help guide their selection.

Most recently, Whitney Alexander and John Elledge of Portland, OR made headlines for hosting one of these cannabars at their reception which featured 13 varieties of marijuana, a budtender, white couches to hang out on, and transportation home. Though the couple themselves did not partake, Elledge has worked for years in the medical marijuana industry and told The Daily Beast that he’s happy with the decisions and is, “still getting a couple of texts a day from guests who enjoyed the weed tent.” Seems like a smart and fun alternative to the typical alcohol-fueled tears and fights that inevitably transpire at most nuptials.

If you’re a 420-friendly couple looking for ways to incorporate your favorite pastime into your big day, but you aren’t ready to go all the way and spend the big bucks on an open weed bar, here’s three more ways you can easily integrate cannabis into your wedding - or should I say, 'weeding' party.

  1. Use marijuana flowers and leaves in boutonnieres or bouquets.

This is by far the most obvious and easiest way to bring a little touch of weed into the bridal party without the whole day going up in smoke. Simply ask your florist to add a few sprigs into their arrangement or DIY it and pop a few leaves in there the day of the ceremony. Both the leaves and buds are surprisingly beautiful when juxtaposed with flowers, and so subtle most of your guests probably won’t even notice!

  1. Send guests home with a goody bag packed with your favorite smoking accoutrements or strain.

This is a surefire way to guarantee good vibes directed towards you and yours long after your final guests depart. Instead of the usual goody bag packed full of little chachkies nobody really wants, fill it to the brim with the wedding couple’s favorite marijuana paraphernalia or favorite cannabis strain (bonus points if you give it a cute name)! This is a fun way for your guests to get to know you, but also leave with something they can actually enjoy and appreciate once they’re home. Just make sure to offer up an alternative takeaway for those attendees who don’t wish to partake.

  1. Turn your wedding cake into one giant edible no one will ever forget.

Ok, this one is only for the truly brave. If pot butter is your standard go-to, consider transforming your wedding cake into the most epic edible of your life! You’re going to want to be a little careful with this one though since ingestibles can affect everyone differently. You’ll need to make sure all of your guests have been carefully informed that this cake will make them feel more than just a little sugar rush, and you’re going to want to dissuade people from getting seconds, at least for an hour or two. Another route would be to just create a single layer that’s marijuana-enhanced so that those who wish to indulge along with the newlyweds can.

Emily Kirkpatrick
Emily Kirkpatrick is a writer based in Brooklyn, NY who writes for publications such as Lucky Magazine, Paper, and Bustle, amongst others. The only thing she likes more than high fashion and pop culture distilled into GIF form is the perfect egg sandwich. If you're interested in her daily musings on celebrities, subway etiquette, and bad TV, make sure to follow her on Twitter @kirkpate
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