Wax Dabs or Dry Herb Hits, Yocan Vape Pens Consistently Deliver the Dankness
We recently took Yocan's dry herb and wax vaporizers out for a spin. Long story short: we had the best time. Ever.
Published on June 30, 2019

In the past, getting lit was a hassle. Not only did it require procuring (illegal) weed of questionable quality, but it was also necessary to roll or pack said herb and hope the smoke didn’t attract any wrong elements—namely five-o or marijuana moochers. 

Reflecting on old stoner problems makes us nostalgic. Now, the issues are far more complex than that, particularly for consumers. For instance, with all the primo herb available today in an array of different forms, how does one select the proper tool in which to get high?

The Yocan company has a good rep, particularly when it comes to supplying upscale quality at prices that won’t bust your weed budget. So we decided to give some Yocan vaporizers a shot and, damn, did that choice pay off! Here’s what happened, to the best of our post-toking recollection. 

Feeling flowery, we first studied the Yocan Dry Herb Vaporizer collection online. 


Seeing how the Yocan Evolve D-Plus was only the price of a nickel bag more than the original (the ever-popular Evolve-D), we decided to go with the elevated model. (Is there really an option?) It arrived on a sunny afternoon and we took it out for a test drive up on the roof of our apartment building, where we set up a makeshift tanning station that’s also a weedatorium. 

First off, the Evolve D-Plus looks awesome. It’s elegant, simple, and small enough to cup in your palm and sneak a hit if necessary. That said, the D-Plus also runs on a righteous 1100 mAh battery with a 15-second continuous heat function and a massive heating chamber. That means you’ll never have to rush a sesh!

Once we started imbibing, the advantages of the D-Plus’s functional mouthpiece became readily apparent. Push it down and the dual-coil spiral atomizer enables you to draw in copious amounts of sweet dope. Push it out, and the mouthpiece disposes of the ash, saving you a headache from cleaning up ash.

Time slipped away as we overlooked the neighborhood. Puffing from the Evolve D-Plus became so easy we didn’t realize we blasted through the full stash in the heating chamber. 

Something else to note is the fact there’s a build in herbal storage jar in the vape. With a simple twist, we reloaded the chamber and continued blowing 420 clouds above the city. 


We like to regularly switch gears from dry herb to wax dabs. So we switched up our Yocan gear the following night when meeting friends at a local bar for a DJ set. 

For this occasion, we perused Yocan’s wax vaporizer collection and opted for the Dive Vaporizer in metallic black. It’s a sleek, slick dab pen that allows people to discreetly get high in public. And, while other folks stopped dancing to attempt to fire up joints on the dancefloor, we never had to stop grooving to get high. In fact, puffing on the Dive Vape became an integral part of our dance routine.

In every sense, the Dive is dope. While loading up this electronic nectar collector with our fave concentrate du jour, we noticed that the Dive allows us to dab straight from the pen’s wax container without getting it blowtorch hot. 

That’s because the Dive uses medical-grade touch-style coils instead of the potentially risky flaming butane of other dab pens. There’s honestly nothing better than being able to smoke luscious wax while dancing without worrying about burning those around you. (And we highly recommend it.)


The three temperature options on the Dive also play into this: if you light steaming hot or lower heat dab hits, this pen can deliver. At the bar we wanted to ease back and soak up the music, so we set the Dive on low. The vapor was smooth, full, and teeming with flavor, providing us with lighter-than-air euphoric vibes that enhanced every aspect of the evening. 

The Dive is perfectly portable, too.  So when one of our homies caught us mid-vape and asked for a hit, passing the pen back and forth proved easy and discreet. 

Yocan more than lived up to the good things we had heard. We’ll definitely be checking out more of the company’s line of goods, as we continue to explore the ever-evolving hardware of getting high. 

This story was sponsored by Yocan Vaporizer. For more information, please visit their website here. 

MERRY JANE is based in Los Angeles, California and is dedicated to elevating the discussion around cannabis culture.
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