What would you do if the intercom in your office suddenly announced that in order to survive, you had to kill all your coworkers or everyone would die? That is the premise of The Belko Experiment, and we can safely say it’s looking to be one of the nuttiest movies to come out next year. It looks like a “fun” and scary ride, and we can’t wait to check it out.

Written by none other than James Gunn, a man best known today for directing Guardians of the Galaxy, and it seems he’s reconnecting to his roots in the indie/horror genre. Before breaking the bank with the little Marvel movie that could, Gunn made a name for himself first as the screenwriter for Zack Snyder’s awesome Dawn of the Dead remake (possibly the best film Snyder has directed) and later went on to direct the splatter film Slither and followed it with the depressingly fun “average joe becomes a superhero” flick Super starring Rainn Wilson (which should be added to your watchlist this very second).
Coming off the huge success of Guardians, he pushed for this little film to get made and even though he couldn’t direct himself (it seems he was busy with a sequel to some superhero movie) they hired one of the best genre directors in the business: Greg McLean. The Australian director is known for Wolf Creek  & Wolf Creek 2 (and a follow up series) as well as the very underrated killer crocodile flick Rogue. His films are usually lean and mean, and he sure knows how to create tension, so it should be interesting to see him work with Gunn’s screenplay, which is sure to be filled with some (very) dark humor.
Another reason to anxiously await the release of this film is the brilliant cast they assembled. The film stars Tony Goldwyn, John C. McGinley (who’ll always be Dr. Cox), John Gallagher Jr. (who proved in could be very creepy in the great horror film Hush) and Michael Rooker (a great actor and one of Gunn’s frequent collaborators). There’s many others of course, because it takes place in an office building so we’re obviously bound to see some other familiar faces.
All in all, this makes for quite the exciting project. Let’s just hope The Belko Project doesnt shy away from gratuitous violence and black humor, because this definitely looks like the kind of movie we need today; a wild thrilling ride where you get to laugh, get scared and maybe even end up thinking between the lines (we predict a political statement incorporated in the film). Let’s just hope we’re not wrong when it comes out March 17, 2017!
Watch the trailer here.