Video Original: Seed to Strain: Granddaddy Purple
When nobody could give him want he wanted Mr. Nobody took things into his own hands.
Published on February 2, 2016

Ever heard of Granddaddy Purple? Is that a stupid question?

Meet Mr. Nobody, a masked man that knows everything about the strain Granddaddy Purple. While concealing his identity is a benefit of wearing the mask, Mr. Nobody actually wears it so he doesn’t inhale anything like pollen or transfer anything of his own onto the plants. Mr. Nobody’s technique to growing his Granddaddy Purple is unique in that he essentially lets the plant do whatever it wants. Granddaddy Purple is, in Mr. Nobody’s words, a “straightforward” strain—meaning there isn’t a lot of crossbreeding involved. You’ll know when you’re smoking Granddaddy Purple not only because of its purple color, but because of its sweet taste and smooth smoke, too. Just listen to what Dr. Dina and Aaron, the co-creator of LA Confidential, have to say about the strain and what it’s like when you inhale a hit of it.

Mr. Nobody started growing Granddaddy Purple because he just couldn’t find it anywhere else. People he had normally gotten it from had moved onto growing other strains, so Mr. Nobody was left with no other choice. He says that when the dispensaries he works with don’t have any Granddaddy Purple, it’s like walking into an Italian restaurant and it not having Bolognese. Granddaddy Purple is the “go-to Indica strain,” and because of his experience growing OG Kush, Mr. Nobody knew he could successfully grow the plant, so he did—and is now keeping the iconic strain at the forefront of cannabis.

Join Mr. Nobody in his grow house and see how his growing techniques produce a happy plant and an even happier customer.

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