One clever Girl Scout thought outside of the (cookie) box when she came up with the idea of setting up to sell her cookies right outside of a California dispensary. By the end of it, even she was surprised with how many boxes she was able to sell. The girl sold around 200 boxes in less than 2 hours, which we hope is some sort of record for the Girl Scouts. It doesn’t take much to figure out that people who indulge in cannabis will get the munchies, but clearly no other Girl Scout had thought of this before. She inspired the hosts of the segment to describe her as “brilliant” and “entrepreneurial."

Later in the video, one man explains that cookies are more addictive than marijuana. He compares the two, and says only one has the addictive quality to make him come back for more: cookies. Even in the most light-hearted way, the message is clear: cannabis not harmful. Even cookies are considered to be worse.