Buzzfeed sat down with three former police officers and asked about the effects of marijuana, previous handlings of public marijuana users and their past experiences with flower.

When asked whether in their line of work they had arrested anyone for marijuana, the answers vary. Reen says no, rather, he threw it out in front of them, believing this method to be more effective than an arrest. Robert says he wants to see marijuana completely legalized and made readily available for medical uses.

David discusses how marijuana could disallow a peace officer to be in control of himself and a situation, which could prove dangerous in an unpredictable situation.

Toward the end of the video, Reen notices the headache he experienced when starting the video has miraculously disappeared, most likely due to the passing of a joint and a bong.

The opinions of these ex-cops provide different perspectives about the meaning and purpose of marijuana. Many officials still believe cannabis is a drug that should be criminalized, but as we see in the video, being a cop does not automatically place someone into a stereotypical category of disliking cannabis.