Have you ever wondered how expensive drugs are throughout the world? This video tells you exactly how much marijuana, heroine, coke and other substances you can purchase with only $20.

Some of the finds are surprising, such as buying 4 grams of marijuana for $20 in the Netherlands and a surprising 10 grams of cocaine in Colombia. For $20 in the Philippines, you can purchase 40 packs of cigarettes. That’s thirteen times as much as they cost here in America. The amount of heroin you can buy in Afghanistan for $20 is 5 grams, which is pretty astounding considering heroin is still illegal.

So what makes these substances so affordable in certain areas?

One main factor is the grounds for growing. If the substance is easily cultivated in one area, the prices for that substance will sell at a lower cost. For example, Afghanistan has been the main producer for opium since 1992. With its fertile ground for growing poppy, the main ingredient of most opium substances, it makes sense that Afghanistan would be the go-to country for heroin.

Another factor is specific laws pertaining to certain areas. In the Netherlands, marijuana seems to be much cheaper than here in the states. This is mainly because of the popularity of “coffee shops.” These coffee shops allows cannabis users the safety of smoking in public under gedoogbeleid, a policy that does not persecute anyone possessing under five grams of marijuana. 

Though $20 may seem like petty cash to Americans, it can go a long way in other countries depending on your preference.