When most people think of Valentine’s Day–the second highest grossing holiday next to Christmas–images of chocolates, flowers and expensive jewelry begin to swirl around in their heads. But, if you’re a Mary Jane lover, you might have some other things on your mind.

Whether you have plans to spend the holiday alone, with friends and family or with that special someone, having the perfect strain is always guaranteed to put a cherry on top of any occasion.
This energizing sativa may be good for helping gift-buying procrastinators solve last minute shopping mishaps, thanks to its ability to make you feel both creative and focused. Have a puff before you head to the store and find the perfect present.
Take two classics like OG Kush and Trainwreck, put them together and you’ve got Kandy Kush, potent hybrid strain that comes on quick and hard. Although you may feel a little sleepy, you’ll still experience a noticeable pick-me-up that will have you feeling good for awhile.
Perfect for the end of the night because this super relaxing indica strain does exactly what indicas are supposed to do–leave you feeling happy, hungry and sleepy. Save this pick for after you leave the festivities or if you have a night planned in at home.
Come for the crystal-covered buds but stay for the balanced high. A cross between Jah OG Kush and DS Gold, this hybrid relaxes the body without draining your energy, making it a suitable choice to a low-key activity outside of the house with your sweetie.
If you’re more of a sativa type, Love Potion #1 is a delicious, uplifting strain with a citrus flavor profile and fresh, piney smell. It might also help you get in the mood, thanks to its ability to aid in boosting arousal.
Fans of Chocolope will enjoy this hybrid strain–made from a combination of the aforementioned and Kosher Kush–that’s sometimes called Chocolate Kush, as well. It will have you feeling euphoric and like the name suggests, it has a sweet but earthy taste.
You may have to do some searching for this sativa strain that’s considered to be a rarity compared to others. Indulgers should prepare themselves for a highly-cerebral experience with an almost deep calm that helps with relieving stress.
Dark leaves and dense buds make this heavy-hitting indica a must-have for people who just want to take it easy on Valentine’s day. Enjoy the flowery smell and sweet but spicy flavor while you kick back.
Skip the glass of wine without missing out on the sweet, earthy flavor of grapes with this sativa-dominant strain that still has heavy indica effects. Save this one for a Netflix marathon or any other activity that won’t require too much moving around.
Although you will still feel mellow, this sativa is best for morning sessions due to its pleasantly invigorating and almost-caffeinating effects that are long-lasting. Try Red Haze if you have plans earlier in the day, like brunch or a nice hike somewhere with a beautifully captivating view.