Straight up, there aren’t many that are built like California skate legend Tony Trujillo. Cut from the same cloth as adrenaline-laced legends like John Cardiel, Tony has more than two decades in the game. A certified vet of the skate industry, Trujillo juggles fatherhood and musicianship and yet, somehow, someway, the other Tony is still finding ways to make fans flip over his style and substance.

This time around Antihero and Spitfire, Trujillo’s board and wheel sponsors from Deluxe Distribution have brought together Tony and friends Austin Kanfoush, Frank Gerwer, Raney Beres, Daan Van Der Linden and Peter Ramondetta for a brand new three minute edit appropriately named “Spitfire X Antihero."

When you’re used to being inundated with street skateboarding videos day in and day out, Trujillo and friends’ transition wizardry will completely flip your wig and make you appreciate the insane physics of hardcore skatepark shredding.

Set to heart-pounding metal sounds of Crom’s “Zamora” this new edit is nothing short of a head-banging wake up call for anyone that’s been snoozing all week. Skip the coffee and cold shower, just put this one on and get your system jump-started right into gear for real. Holy Trujillo!