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Thrasher Celebrates its 35th Anniversary with Beauty & Youth Collab

The Japanese boutique celebrates the iconic skate publication.

by Adrian Nuñez

Skate magazine Thrasher is celebrating its 35th Anniversary this year. Since its inception, the magazine has gained a loyal audience, and its merchandise helped the magazine transition into a lifestyle brand. The iconic merch isn’t exclusive to the skate community as fans of fashion have come to embrace Thrasher’s take on clothing. As such, the brand has teamed up with Japanese boutique Beauty & Youth on an exclusive commemorative collaboration. Included in the collection is a range of hoodies and tees featuring the iconic logo. Simple hues of white, black, and navy comprise the collection, which is available now from United Arrows.


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Adrian Nuñez is a writer from New Jersey who has contributed work on the topics of music, fashion, and general dope shit for publications like Mass Appeal, Esquire, and Sole Collector.



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