Sitting down on a 12 hour flight to Israel would serve as the perfect opportunity to test out this tantalizing edible treat. The package design of Mind Tricks Cookies & Cream Cannabis Infused Toffee is certainly enticing, and very much in line with the ongoing trend of elevating package design for cannabis products. 

While the photography of the candy looked delicious, before even opening the package, I had questions about what I was getting myself into. On the front of the package was a small font displaying information that simply said “100MG THC.” I wondered to myself “100MG for the entire package or per piece?” Doubtful that it would be that potent per piece, but it wasn’t immediately clear. 

As I scanned the package, I even noted a warning on the bottom, a suggestion that if you’re battling cancer, you may want to avoid this sugar laden snack in favor of other edible products by the same manufacturer. Yet, I still wasn’t clear about recommended serving size and dosage. Upon opening the bag I found 10 pieces of toffee in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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This is the territory where brands like Mind Tricks need to improve on, as it affects the whole industry and jeopardizes future accessibility. The average consumer needs more guidelines. As a more experienced consumer of THC laced edibles, I always start slowly to get a sense of potency. 

Transferring 10 pieces of toffee to a zip lock baggy to ensure that I would go through security with no problems, I proceeded on my journey. Half a flight later, somewhere over the Atlantic, I nibbled on my first small piece, close in size to a 2×2 Lego brick. The candy it self, is absolutely delicious. The type of toffee I would eat multiple pieces of if it weren’t infused.

I soon blissfully dozed off on the flight, only to awake some 2 hours later for dinner service. Feeling the effects waning, I decided to have several more pieces, which if I had to estimate based on size, and total strength of the package might have been somewhere between 15mg – 20mg dose, but without consistent sizes of candy there’s no way to be sure. An hour or so later, I began to feel as if I had exceeded my tolerance (historically a range around 20mg is where I’ve felt comfortable). It would take some water, bread, deep breaths, and more sleep to get me back to my comfort zone. 

Mind Tricks is a delightful product, and I would cautiously indulge in the future. However, I would hesitate to recommend them to an edibles novice, due to the challenges in determining consistent dosing. My only hope is that the brand develops a more sophisticated and consistent serving size to help consumers regulate their dosage level. In that regard, I still prefer edibles like 10mg gummy bears or Kiva chocolate squares that make it easier to reliably deliver a clear and consistent serving size – that’s one area I definitely don’t need my mind playing any tricks on me.