Father's Day is right around the corner, so what better way to celebrate than by giving shoutouts to some of our favorite papas who puff? There are many notable stoner dads, and choosing our top five wasn't easy! With more and more celebs being open about their passion for pot, the field has grown substantially. But, we managed to whittle it down to a handful of awesome dudes who dabble in cannabis and also also happen to be dear old dads. From musicians to actors, these cannabis-friendly celebs are also stand up fathers.

Montel Williams

A TV personality and father of four, Montel Williams has never been quiet about his medical marijuana use. As someone with multiple sclerosis, Williams has found relief with cannabis, and has relied on its effects for 17 years, using it pretty much daily.

As an advocate, Williams has spoken on multiple TV programs about the benefits of cannabis (including a CNN debate with Stephen Baldwin) and has even testified before the Los Angeles City Council about his experience with medical marijuana. He knows his cannabis research, he knows his cannabis history, and he uses it to slay in these TV spots when folks question him on it. Williams' own use and activism has also led him down the cannabis business path. The celeb founded LenitivLabs, a line of innovative, high quality medical marijuana products.  

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Did you know that the Terminator is a fan of the cannabis? Yes! Arnold has always had a good word to say when it comes to weed. In 2007, he made the controversial statement that cannabis is “not a drug. It's a leaf."

A few years later, during an interview with Jay Leno, the then-governor of California made it clear that he has no problem with the herb. "No one cares if you smoke a joint or not," Arnold told Leno, which wasn't 100% in line with CA voters at the time, if you can believe it.

In 2010, the Governator signed a bill that downgraded possession of an ounce or less of marijuana as an infraction. It's clear that this father of five has a soft spot when it comes to cannabis. And of course, we have the infamous video of young Arnold relaxing after a hard day of pumping iron by enjoying a joint.

George Clooney

Brand new papa George Clooney (congrats to you and Amal!) has always had a taste for the finer things. Whether it's his own fancy tequila company Casamigos, or his villa in Lake Como, Clooney expects the best. So it shouldn't be a surprise that he seeks out the best when it comes to smoking.

When Clooney was on location in Amsterdam shooting Ocean’s 12, the owner of a local cafe let it be known that the actor was a frequent visitor. Since the filming of the movie, Clooney has made a point of popping back to the same cafe a few times a year. That said, it remains to be seen if he’ll continue making the green mecca to the Netherlands now that he’s busy with newborn twins.

Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson, the loud entrepreneur behind Virgin Records and Virgin Atlantic is not shy about his affection for cannabis. According to lore, Branson first learned how to roll a joint when he was in his early twenties. His teacher? None other than the Rolling Stone's own Keith Richards. In the years since, he has been an outspoken critic of the war on drugs and has established himself as an advocate of medical marijuana.

And when it comes to being a dad and a pot aficionado? Branson, who has two children of his own, advocates for smoking with your kids! In fact, in 2016, he told a room full of fellow entrepreneurs "If they're going to have a joint, do it with them. Don't let them sneak off and do it on their own." Branson has indeed smoked pot with his son, Sam, and has offered him some advice, too: Don't do it in excess, don't mix it with tobacco, and "skunk is not a good idea."

Willie Nelson

Country legend Willie Nelson is the proud papa of seven kids, and a proud pot smoker as well. Willie has made many a headline in his day when it comes to his unabashed love for the ganja, and was even arrested a couple times because of it. There are tons of stories of folks getting high on Nelson's tour bus, and the singer even once invited Jimmy Fallon and his camera crew aboard for this fun little skit.

Nelson has never been one to shy away from his penchant for pot, and has done a lot to help normalize and destigmatize the plant. And, like the granddaddy of pot that he is, Nelson has even gotten into the industry, starting his own company, Willie's Reserve, which puts out a cannabis line, accessories, and edibles. Like Willie is known for saying, "My stash is your stash."

And of course, we want to give one of our favorite pot smoking fathers a special shout out: Happy Father's Day Snoop Dogg! And happy Father's Day to all the dope dads out there!

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