The MERRY JANE Gift Guide to Celebrity-Endorsed Stoner Swag
Looking for last-minute presents for the holidaze? We've got you covered. Embrace this list of ganja gear from celebrity heavy hitters, and you'll be smoking like the stars in no time.
Published on December 19, 2018

The more prohibition fades, the brighter righteous passion for cannabis continues to ignite every corner of popular culture — including the holidaze, celebrities, and in the following cases, both.  

It’s not just that mainstream entertainment choices are finally aglow with pro-pot music anthems, toke-friendly TV series, and marijuana-positive movies; it’s that numerous artists and performers who create such weed-friendly work have actively gotten into the legal ganja game themselves. 

From signature strains and officially-endorsed edibles, to star-backed smoking devices, more and more celebrities are throwing their bongs in the ring to provide fans with an A-list caliber cannabis experience.  

Now, with the high holidays in full blaze, MERRY JANE presents a gift guide to pot-centric products and packages from top-tier musicians and Tinseltown tokers. 


Tommy Chong
Daily High Club x Chong's Choice Express Holiday Box*

Pot comic supreme and anti-prohibition freedom fighter like no other Tommy Chong has long been on the cutting-edge of innovative cannabis consumption products. This year, Tommy’s cannabis brand Chong’s Choice teamed up with Daily High Club for one of the dopest Christmas pot packages we’ve ever seen.

In addition to being loaded with premium goodies, the Express Box’s centerpiece is a mind-blowing (in every sense) 14 mm Chong Express Train Bong that features Santa as the conductor! 

The box itself contains over $100 worth of merch, but costs just $29.99 as a one-time purchase. Better still, turn it into the gift that keeps on getting its recipient lit by getting a Daily High subscription, where an equally-amazing, overstuffed package with a new glass for the mantle arrives each month. Of all the 2018 celeb surprises, Tommy Chong’s Express Holiday Box is one to choo-choo-choose first. 

Complete Features: 

• 14 mm Tommy Chong Train Bong
• HerbSaver Mini Grinder 
• Chong’s Choice Foldable Rolling Tray
• Zen EFFEN 1 1/4 papers
• ROOR Clipper Lighter 
• RAW Cone
• Buddies Tube
• Tommy Chong Air Freshener
• XXL OGK Hemp Wrap
• DHC Holiday Sticker Set

Order the Chong’s Choice Express Holiday Box


Cheech Marin
Cheech’s Private Stash

Where there’s Chong, there’s Cheech, and wherever those two go, smoke is rising.

Cheech’s Private Stash is a line of four strains that legendary funnyman Cheech Marin has endorsed in partnership with the Nevada-based Redwood Cultivation facility. Cheech offers Sour Diesel, Cookie Glue, Do Si Dos, and Platinum OG, each of which more than lives up to the project’s tagline: “It will always be good!”


Of course, packing the Chong Express Train Bong with Cheech’s Private Stash is only right and natural — and a guaranteed way to make your holidays way more merry and bright.  In addition to the grass, Cheech’s Private Stash sells swag and merch directly online. Check out the man himself modeling his own perfectly-named Dad Hat

Order your ganja gifts from Cheech’s Private Stash here


Scott Campbell

After lamenting that even buying legal weed felt like “visiting your parole officer,” fine artist and celebrity tattoo guru Scott Campbell teamed with former fashion executive clement Kwan to create Beboe. The New York Times described the canna-company and its elegant, high-end array of vaporizers and edibles, as the “Hermès of marijuana.” 

Beboe’s rose gold Inspired Sativa Blend Vaporizer pen goes for $60 and lasts for about 150 drags. Inspired Pastilles, described as the “candied companion” to the vape pen, retails for $25. 

Our pick as a holiday present combines both. The $60 Beboe Besties Holiday Gift Box contains a sampling of Inspired Sativa Cannabis Pastilles, an Inspired Sativa Blend Mini Vape, “and a warm hug from your Besties at Beboe.” 

Order your ganja gifts from Beboe here


GAS Cannabis

Hip-hop icon and cannabis connoisseur 2Chainz makes it clear that GAS, the acronym moniker of his signature weed line, stands for “Good Ass Shit.” 

Teaming with the Westside Station Dispensary in Van Nuys, California, GAS comes in three ascending-strength varieties of high-grade marijuana, each named after an octane level like you’d see at a filling station: 87, which is your basic bud; 89, for an elevated ride; and 93, the super-premium blend. 

2Chainz says, "GAS stands for one thing, and you’ll know it when you experience it. It’s top-end, but at an affordable price, because I want everyone to be able to understand that GAS is the real fire.”


Willie Nelson
Willie’s Reserve: High Five Pack and Hard Edibles Multi-Pack

The king of both outlaw country music and outspoken advocacy for marijuana consumption got in on the celebrity strain line game early, and, just like Willie Nelson himself, the products and the quality of Willie’s Reserve only ever get higher as time passes. 

The High Five Pack is a perfect stocking stuffer, containing five half-gram joints in a cool and classy collectible tin. Since Willie’s legendary road-baked voice so often inspires sing-alongs, he’s also developed an absolutely primo line of cannabis candies. 


The Willie’s Reserve Hard Edibles Multi-Pack provides a variety of flavors that include the throat-soothing Honeysuckle Hot, the relaxing Fresh Maple Blossom, and the energizing Strawberry Limonene. Each pack contains 10 pieces with 10mg of THC sweetness. 

For more on Willie’s Reserve, visit the canna-company’s website here


The Marleys
Marley Natural

In the realm of elevated consciousness icons, no one looms higher or even holier than Bob Marley. After Bob blessed us with his music and his message before ascending to the next plane, the Marley family has maintained his legend and legacy in large part by maintaining his tireless commitment to ganja as a world-healing spirit balm. 

For a perfect-sized present to fit under the tree (before you use it to then smoke trees) MERRY JANE recommends the Marley Natural line of Marley Reserve: Small Accessories for Big Highs.


Marley Natural Small Taster — $35

Three inches long and a half-inch wide, the Small Taster is made from hand-blown glass with a black walnut wood base. It’s smooth, easy to carry anywhere, and the detachable parts make for a quick clean-up. 


Small Bubbler — $162

A bit richer in price, the Small Bubbler is a hybrid water pipe and dry pipe, boasting a design that’s both beautiful to look at and dominant in delivering a great smoke. It measures 5.75" tall by 5.75" long by 1.75" wide, with a large base for water and a globe-shaped percolator. 

For more on Marley Natural, visit the company’s website here


Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi and Maya

Actress, comedian, activist, TV host, and powerful proponent for the curative power of pot, Whoopi Goldberg has teamed with Maya Elisabeth, the founder of Om Edibles and winner of eight High Times Cannabis Cup awards since 2008. 

Whoopi and Maya has been around a minute, but it still stands out for being largely focused on what weed can do for women. So now that mom is down with the dope, check out some of the lush products Whoopi and Maya provide, including Soak, a lavender cannabis concoction for the bath; Rub, a body balm; Savor, their raw cacao; and Relax, the duo’s herbal tincture. 

For more on Whoopi and Maya, visit their website here


Wiz Khalifa
Khalifa Kush and RAW Wiz X Loud Pack Rolling Papers

Khalifa Kush, as you might expect, is a brain-bombing hybrid strain, bred specifically for rap giant Wiz Khalifa. While elusive to the general public, some lucky smokers attest to occasionally coming across KK at West Coast dispensaries and being blown away.  

It’s best then to always be prepared for potentially lucking into Khalifa Kush by having plenty of RAW Wiz Khalifa Loud Pack Rolling Papers on hand. Each $10 pack contains 23 authentic leaves made of natural hemp gum. Roll up like Wiz this holiday season, and ring the new year in right and high.

For more on Khalifa Kush, visit the company’s website here

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*The Daily High Box x Chong's Choice collaboration is a sponsored addition to this article. The rest of the gifts were chosen by the MERRY JANE staff.

Mike McPadden
Mike McPadden is the author of "Heavy Metal Movies" and the upcoming "Last American Virgins." He writes about movies, music, and crime in Chicago. Twitter @mcbeardo
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