Purses are great, but there's nothing like a cute backpack to accessorize your outfit if the occasion calls for it, especially if it’s one of those days that you don't feel like holding a bag or during festival season. Not only that, they allow for your hands to be liberated. Whatever the reason, among your vast collection of luxury purses and handbags, a cute backpack certainly has its place too.

Backpacks will add a little fashion forward flair to your everyday look and can be purposed for a montage of things like storing your weed, holding an extra pair of flip-flops or flats just in case your feet hurt after wearing 6-inch stilettos all day, your money, of course, your laptop when you're on the way to your college campus library for a group study session, and did I mention for hiding your weed in? Backpacks aren't just for school-aged kids going back to school in the fall or hipster guys channeling their inner Kanye West a la The College Dropout.

There are so many stylish options for women out right now from leather options to furry options. Mini options to large options. Luxury designer options to sensible options. There's an option for every girl, or guy, so that no matter what your mission of the day is, you look good doing it.

Joyrich x Coca-Cola ‘Coke Fur’ red backpack – $260

Moschino ‘Biker Jacket’ Backpack – $2,295

Volcom ‘Schoolyard’ Print Backpack – $39.50

MINT ‘Mint Crocodile’ Backpack – $125

MCM Backpack – Stark Small Sprinkle Stud – $720

Madewell – The Transport Rucksack – $198

The Herschel Settlement Backpack – $54.99

Missguided – Metallic Textured RucksacK – $40.44

Emma & Chloe – Thea Distressed Faux-Leather Backpack – $29.99

Hype – Exclusive Handstyle Backpack – $40.44

Eastpak – House of Hackney Artemis Print Backpack – $291

Love Moschino – Peace Backpack – $249

Lulu Guinness – Hands Backpack – $202.19

Fiorelli – Anouk Clean Mini Backpack With Zip Pocket Detail – $88.96