We’ve all heard it before. If you light up before getting busy in the sack, your sexual cravings could be amplified to the max, providing you a one way ticket to cloud nine. Sure, cannabis usage can be targeted towards other useful purposes, like medicinal and other pain relieving tactics, but benefitting from your time spent in the bedroom is just another reason to value your high. The idea of sex and weed together is just as equivalent to that of a pretty solid peanut butter and jelly sandwich; it just works.

That being said, since you want your experience to be as euphoric as possible, it’s always good to make sure you’ve made the best decisions before dosing up. Whether you’re a bud enthusiast or just someone who likes to toke up from time to time, there are different strains that will satisfy all your needs when you’re in the bedroom, it just depends on what you’re looking for.

No two people are alike, and that can be said for your strains and the reaction you’ll have to them. Here are few options that’ll give you a surefire way towards a boost in the bedroom. Shall we begin?

Flo – Good old Flo. A hybrid, and former Cannabis Cup strain winner, this strain really clears your mind and gets the juices flowing. It’s fun and airy quality will turn you into the energizer bunny, awakening you in all sense of the word. ‘Don’t stop ’til you get enough’ will be your new motto.

Blueberry – This Indica knows just how to take your stress way. The sweet, sensual flavor, partnered with its relaxing effect, will calm those pre-sex jitters and put you at ease. This strain is key for any couple who’re still getting used to each other’s bodies or wants a little distraction before dabbling in some new bedroom techniques. A little Blueberry in the bedroom will slow time down and allow you to feel every. last. second. Savor it.

Trainwreck – The name says it all. Another hybrid on the list, Trainwreck comes in full force and packs a serious punch. The high THC level in this strain saturates the entire body and rates real high in all levels of arousal and desire. If you want a guaranteed good time with your partner, Trainwreck will give you the perfect combination of added adrenaline with a mellow overtone, keeping the mood as it should. Handcuffs not included.

Chocolate Chunk – Who can say no to a little chocolate? With flavors extremely reminiscent of the often romantically classified candy, Chocolate Chunk is a great Indica strain to smoke when you and your partner are ready to mush together into a ball of love to unwind from a rough day at the office. The earthy and almost coffee-like smell allows for a perfect night time smoke sesh and is just as fun as feeding each other delectable treats in bed.. just without a messy cleanup.