The Art of Edibles Guide to Throwing a Pot Party
In short: keep things chill, have some non-weed food, and try not to freak your guests out.
Published on August 19, 2017

Throwing a successful cannabis event can be tricky, especially when edibles are involved. In addition to concerns of guests succumbing to the sleepy, awkward side of weed, a high dose of edibles can sneak up on new users, hurling them into a state of terror. If an event consists of more than a close group of friends, the current state of cannabis as a legal gray zone requires extra precautions to ensure the night runs smoothly for everyone.

Cannabis collective The Art of Edibles and like-minded event production company GRASSFED have teamed up to perfect this delicate brand of soiree. I attended an installment of their successful summer series Stand Up and Take Your Clothes Off a few weeks ago, where a gorgeous array of edibles including THC ice cream and artful chocolates lightly dosed the audience. We enjoyed comedians that were actually funny, punctuated by burlesque performances that were actually hot.

The duo will be hosting a VR event called Virtual Reality Elevated tonight in Los Angeles (buy tickets here), an experience that combines the power of cannabis with technology's trippiest frontier. We spoke with Tomer Grassiany of Art of Edibles to suss out the dos and don'ts of the chic weed party, and what guests can look forward to this weekend.

MERRY JANE: Tell us a little about the partnership between GRASSFED and The Art of Edibles.
Tomer Grassiany: The Art Of Edibles is a cannabis collective founded in 2014, that began manufacturing To Whom It May Chocolates in 2016. I met Dan Braunstein, the founder of GRASSFED (a social dining and event production company) at the end of 2016, and became their first product partner. We saw a perfect opportunity to collaborate, as we both shared a similar vision of an elevated and upscale approach to cannabis, with an emphasis on health conscious consumption.

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What's the highest dosage of edible you would serve at an event?
We keep all the edibles from our sponsors at 5mg, only recently adding a few 10mg options. Some of the guests at our events are new to cannabis or edibles. Even a 10mg dose for someone who has not tried cannabis before could be overwhelming. The more experienced guests can amplify the experience with the vape bar, or by visiting more than one vendor.

How do you feel about serving alcohol at these parties?
Both Dan and myself share the same vision of seeing cannabis replace alcohol at some social events. We feel our type of content and entertainment fits perfectly with mindful cannabis consumption.

What's the ideal entertainment at a pot party?
One that appeals to the highest number of senses and involves creativity. It should keep the guests engaged, appeal to a wide audience, and have a natural connection to cannabis. For example, our Virtual Reality Elevated events combine two things that have been associated with each other for a long time: cannabis and video games. It can be enjoyed by everyone, with a variety of experiences like 3D painting, hunting zombies and dinosaurs; travel, and more.

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What about entertainment for those on a budget?
There are many options that don't require a huge budget and involve creativity, such as art, dance, or yoga.

Should you serve food at an event other than edibles?
This depends on the duration of the event. For events that go beyond two hours, you definitely want to consider non-medicated food. Guests will get hungry, and having only medicated edibles or food is a recipe for an over-consumption disaster.

What's the number one "do" when throwing a weed event?
Make sure the venue knows everything happening at the event, especially the load-in/load-out times that are agreed upon. On top of that, you should try to have a long line out into the street.

Number one "don't"?
Do not fill the venue over capacity. Many cannabis events get shut down because of public disturbances and being over capacity, rather than anything related to the cannabis itself.

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Talk about this weekend's Virtual Reality Elevated event.
Our next Virtual Reality Elevated event is on August 19th from 8pm-12am in the West Side of LA, where guests will experience HTC Vive fully immersive VR while indulging in unlimited cannabis flower & concentrate tastings in our vape bar; infused treats, and an eclectic groovy playlist. To spark the imagination, and provide further inspiration, Tilt Brush artist Liquid Light will create a 3D art installation during the event, that will be projected on a wall.

Throughout the evening, guests are invited to discover and learn more about our favorite, high-quality cannabis products courtesy of our sponsors: Outdoor flower provided by Flow Kana; Vaping accessories by VapeXhale, Firefly, and Davinci; and edibles by To Whom It May, Moonman's Mistress, and more.

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