It only took Pokemon Go just over a week to hit 7.5 million downloads. Now with an estimated revenue of $1.6 million a day, it’s clear that the world has an addiction to enslaving the Pokemon race within colorful magic balls.  

We’ve all done it. Aimlessly wandering around your town in your undying pursuit to find some hidden Pokemon only to realize that you’re in the middle of the street, narrowly dodging traffic. Humanity will never be the same, and we all have Nintendo to thank for it.

Since Pokemon Go is such a recent phenomena, I didn’t have a chance to experience it in this NEW episode of Super High Score. However if you’re into grown men dressing up like Pikachu, along with 24-hour stoned Pokemon tournaments, this episode for you. Check out my pursuit to become a relatively decent Pokemon trainer, while consuming heroic amounts of THC.

Before I broke up with my girlfriend, I bought her a Nintendo 2DS with Pokemon X for Christmas. It was my way of saying 'thanks' for completely screwing up my life. That day I also broke up with Pokemon, not out of mistrust of the franchise, but the game embodied everything about my ex, and it just had to go.

Now, two years later I find myself being immersed in the Pokemon universe in hopes of battling (and defeating) the best Pokemon trainer in Los Angeles. A lot of research went into this, stoned gamers. It's one thing to play a 3-inch monochrome screen for a full rotation of planet Earth, but to spend 24 hours watching people play Pokemon on a handheld console is an experience like no other.

At least I had enough weed to get me through it all.