On Snoop Dogg’s latest album, May’s Neva Left, the Long Beach OG turns back the hands of time, not only reimagining rap’s golden era but also revitalizing his own skills, often sounding much younger than his 45 years would suggest. In particular, the title track is a workout worthy version of the Doggfather circa the early ‘90s, a smooth slapper in which he refers to himself as “the Miles Davis of gangbangin’ and crack slangin’.” That very track has now gotten an animated video that’s something like The Boondocks meets Scarface.

In the clip, we see many scenes from Snoop’s illustrious life, starting with a scene of him chilling in a red-hued nightclub, but then flashing to others featuring him schooling youngsters, riding on the coast, slanging on the corner, and getting in some tight spots with Daz Dillinger. “Neva Left” merges real events from Snoop’s life with fictional scenes in which he plays Scarface’s Tony Montana, along with some scenes featuring characters such as Frank Lopez and Manny. It’s a vivid retrospective that’s beautifully illustrated in Boondocks’ distinctive animé-meets-blaxploitation style.

The song itself perfectly fits this retro vibe, as it samples The Charmels’ “As Long as I’ve Got You,” which is most recognizable as the backbone of the Wu-Tang Clan’s “C.R.E.A.M.” This move of utilizing recognizable golden age samples is a trend on Neva Left, as other songs on the album repurpose A Tribe Called Quest’s “Check The Rhime,” Boogie Down Productions’ “My Philosophy,” Whodini’s “Big Mouth,” and even Snoop’s own “Vapors.”

Be sure to check out Snoop’s other recent releases, the video for the K Camp-assisted “Trash Bags” and new track “Transition,” both of which dropped back in July.