If you’ve ever been stoned and zoned out to the music of Sigur Rós, you know that the otherworldly atmosphere conjured up by the Icelandic post-rock band is truly enthralling. Sonically obscure albums like ( ) and Takk have made the group a go-to candidate for relaxing smoke sessions. Now, next time you decide to vibe to the warbling falsetto of frontman Jónsi, you’ll be able to consume Sigur Rós-themed edibles before doing so. 

The Reykjavík group recently announced an unexpected collaboration with high-end cannabis company Lord Jones. Together, the pair will release “Wild Sigurberry”, a limited edition edible that is inspired by the flavor of three Icelandic berries; strawberries, blueberries, and wild blackberries. These THC-infused “medicated gumdrops” will come in five various doses, including pure CBD. 

The packaging for this themed edible features a Sigur Rós crest designed by Andrew Rae of Moonhead Studios. The product includes nine gumdrop candies in a pack, which will be made available at select dispensaries in California. Lord Jones will also offer delivery for medical marijuana patients located on the Left Coast. 

In order to celebrate the release of this gummy edible, Sigur Rós and Lord Jones are hosting a so-called “sound bath” at NeueHouse in Los Angeles on April 18, just a couple of days before the 4/20 high holiday. Attendees with valid medical cards will be able to sample the Wild Sigurberry gumdrops before enjoying a “fully elevated experience.” The event, which is unfortunately already at full capacity, will feature the band’s multimedia collaborations in sound, film, and even VR. 

When it comes to the cannabis industry and musicians, there are a handful of artists willing to attach their name to a brand, from Snoop Dogg to the South African hip-hop group Die Antwoord. Even though Sigur Rós orchestrates ethereal tunes and majestic live shows that provide the perfect backdrop for toking, seeing their name on a cannabis product is certainly a welcomed surprise to their green-friendly California-based fans.