Shane O’Neill’s “Levels” Part Is as Flawless as Skateboarding Gets
The Australian dynamo produces pure, pristine skateboarding skills without so much as a dent, crack or slight speck of dust.
Published on August 26, 2017

What else is left to say about the half-man half-machine skateboarder we know as Shane O’Neill? The guy is renowned for his uncanny and incredibly technical skill set on the board. He doesn’t slip, miss, or skip a step. Not once. It’s a place, it’s a zone, and to be quite honest, many folks just don’t know how to appreciate it because it’s that damn good. Shane’s latest part for Nike SB is nothing short of otherwordly. It’s called “Levels,” and for good reason - there’s levels to perfection and manifestation. Say what you will about the flawlessness, it still has to be seen to be believed.

Shane is an absolute monster on flat, ledges, gaps, rails and stairs. There’s literally nothing he can’t do. Even more mind-boggling, is that he still manages to land and roll away  on every trick as if it were a skatepark warm-up, with every last flip-in and flip-out caught on high-definition film for the world to shake its head at. To hammer home just how technically advanced Nugget is, Shane’s Nike SB and Primitive Skateboards partner Paul Rodriguez makes a quick cameo to show off his own brand of light-footed dominance. This one’s about keeping it in the family of flawlessness.

And while YouTube commenters and skateshop critics may hate on Shane’s robot-like efficiency and skill, there’s no denying that the Aussie is pushing the limits of skateboarding’s possibilities and setting the bar at an entirely new level. The score of Diane Coffee’s “Hymn,” ends up being a perfect choice - after all, watching Shane’s four-wheeled mastery is truly a religious experience.

Rainey Cruz
Rainey Cruz is a Caribbean-born spirit based in New York City with interests in art, music, skateboarding, mysticism, street, and world culture.
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