All week long, as part of MERRY JANE’s Sex Week, we’ve been celebrating the glorious relationship between cannabis and sex, from the it’s history and the way it’s changing sex for women, to memorable stories of mixing the two, to advice from a sensuality coach. Whether you want to reduce sexual anxiety and physical pain, heighten your senses, or experience a greater connection with your partner/s, pot can help you reach greater heights than you ever imagined possible.

Two people who know all about this subject are our Sex Week hosts and married adult film stars Nikki Hearts and Leigh Raven. To bring this special week to a close, the couple is answering all your burning questions from social media to fill in any knowledge gaps you may have. Ever wonder if weed can help prepare you for anal? Or how it affects fertility? Want to know if cannabis lube can get you high? Hearts and Raven have you covered on these and many other queries. Pay attention — they’re not blowing smoke up your ass, as pleasurable as that might be.

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