They’re back! Fresh off an award-winning first season, we’ve decided to mix things up with a new studio, new format, and new host for another round of MERRY JANE’s Queens of the Stoned Age. To guide you on this journey through the world of women, weed, and other important matters, professional poet, top Twitter roaster, and MJ’s new managing editor Mira Gonzalez is taking the helm of our herb-filled half-hour to give you the 411 on 420.

This time she’s joined by a loyal friend to MERRY JANE: adult film star, sex worker activist, and pro blunt roller Janice Griffith! Their topic this week? All the ways that old white people (past and present) have tried to make pot less fun for everyone. From former president Richard Nixon’s anti-Semitic rants about legalizing reefer, to New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd’s clumsy “overdose” on weed edibles, to Mitt Romney harshing his neighbors’ mellow just for toking up next door, Mira and Janice break down why boomers and their like-minded brethren need to finally chill and slow their fearful roll on legal cannabis. Anti-pot propaganda and lingering stigmas about marijuana are still holding back progress on our precious plant, and the Queens only have time for the facts.

So don’t be shy: kick back, relax, and get woke with the season premiere of Queens of the Stoned Age — the days of marijuana mansplaining are over.