Rich Homie Quan, the Atlanta rapper who dominated airwaves a few summers ago with his hit “Type of Way,” is in a Georgia jail following a run-in with police this past weekend, and is now facing up to 30 years of incarceration, all for possessing cannabis.

According to TMZ, Quan and some friends were stopped at a police checkpoint while driving through Wadley, GA over the weekend, when police found marijuana and guns. It is still not clear exactly how much weed was in the car, but it has been reported that Quan has been charged with felony possession and intent to distribute.

Now, we’re not sure what exactly went down, but something tells us that a world-touring rapper with a record deal worth millions wasn’t heading to the club to sell dime bags out of the DJ booth.

No matter what his intent with the weed though, Quan now faces a charge of felony marijuana possession that could carry up to three decades of jail time.

Quan was not charged for the guns found in the car, but is understandably feeling some type of way about the Peach State’s ridiculously harsh marijuana laws.

Bond for the rapper has been set at $20,000.