Forget college hoops, it's cannabis that's king in the MERRY JANE Reefer Madness competition. Our team has collected a pool of company favorites including top-notch strains like Girl Scout Cookies, XJ-13, and Granddaddy Purple.
Each day for the next 15 days check back here to cast your vote. Voting will open daily at 7am PDT and close at 6:59am PDT
Your voices have been heard in our final matchup between Mega Wellness OG goes up against Sour Diesel, to crown a champion strain. Mega Wellness OG has been chosen by you to be our Reefer Madness Winner!




Mega Wellness OG vs. Sour Diesel

About Mega Wellness OG
Mega Wellness OG is a sativa-dominant phenotype of OG Kush that took 1st place for hybrids at the 2015 SoCal Medical Cup. An extremely sticky strain with a thick coat of trichomes, Mega Wellness OG carries a pungent piney aroma that tingles the senses. An immediate rush of cerebral activity kicks Mega Wellness OG into gear, eventually turning into focus as the effects settle in. The result is a calming, relaxed body buzz that helps stress and pain drift away while stimulating the appetite.
About Sour Diesel
Sour Diesel is one of the most famous cannabis strains in the world. Even non-smokers have heard of Sour Diesel and almost every smoker has tried it. This sativa provides a long-lasting cerebral high with a jolt of energy. Get out and experience some “Sound & Color” with Sour Diesel or, stay in and be productive – just DO something. This invigorating strain is definitely not bed time bud. Best enjoyed during the day, medical users seek out Sour Diesel as a remedy for depression, anxiety and fatigue. True to its name, Sour Diesel smells like straight-up gasoline with just a hint of sweet citrus. 



March 16 - Blue Dream vs Northern Lights 

WINNER: Blue Dream 

March 17 - Granddaddy Purple vs Super Silver Haze 

WINNER: Granddaddy Purple

March 18 - Sour Diesel vs XJ-13 

WINNER: Sour Diesel

March 19 - OG Kush vs Jack Herer 


March 20 - Kurupt's Moonrocks vs Mega Wellness OG 

WINNER: Mega Wellness OG

March 21 - White Widow vs Strawberry Banana

WINNER: White Widow

March 22 - Girl Scout Cookies vs Berry White

WINNER: Girl Scout Cookies

March 23 - Platinum LA Confidential vs Louie XIII



Second Round: Blue Dream vs. Granddaddy Purple

WINNER: Blue Dream    



Second Round: Sour Diesel vs. OG KUSH

WINNER: Sour Diesel



Second Round: Mega Wellness OG vs. White Widow

WINNER: Mega Wellness OG



Second Round: Girl Scout Cookies vs. Louie XIII




Final Four: Blue Dream vs. Sour Diesel

WINNER: Sour Diesel



Final Four: Mega Wellness OG vs. Louie XIII

WINNER: Mega Wellness OG



Championship: Sour Diesel vs. Mega Wellness OG

WINNER: Mega Wellness OG