Being a pothead in 2020 is complicated. Sure, getting high is great, but there are thousands of weed companies selling flower, edibles, sprays, and tinctures. There are hundreds of extract companies selling waxes, shatter, budder, and sauce. At this point, thousands of manufacturers also produce cannabis vape oils, cartridges, dry herb vapes — some that actually look like spaceships — and handheld dabbing vaporizers. 

How the hell are people supposed to know what to consume when products hit the market at the same rate Forever 21 and H&M churn out new styles? It’s impossible to keep up. Also, how does one even consume products like rosin or wax, and does it always require a blowtorch? How do you know if a vape is safe?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions or found yourself overwhelmed and confused about what products to consume — you’re not alone. Even well-versed stoners find themselves in the same position, particularly when it comes to the spectrum of vaporizers on the market. From pens you buy in dispensaries to dry herb vapes to portable vaporizer dab rigs, the vaping sector of the cannabis industry offers a host of distinct experiences. Not only can you vape cannabis oil, but you can also vape nugs and concentrates. Neat, right?

After tons of research, we finally determined what companies offer the best vaporizing products on the market and broke it down into a digestible list. Because, ultimately, we’re not doing our job unless we’re giving you the details on how to live your best, most elevated life. So, we hope this accomplishes just that. 



Extreme Q by Arizer:

The Extreme Q is a desktop dry herb vaporizer from outer space. Ok, just kidding — it was made on Earth. But, the futuristic vaporizer is well designed and user friendly to simplify your vaping experience. It’s also extremely easy to clean and sanitize.  

The best part is the Extreme Q’s custom session settings. The ceramic heating warms up fast, you can choose what temp you want to burn your flower at, and it comes with a remote control. The quality is stellar, too, and at half of the price of competing desktop vaporizers. What more can you ask for?

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ArGo by Arizer:

Go to the next level of portability with the ArGo handheld dry herb vaporizer. Made by the same people who designed the Extreme Q desktop vaporizer, the ArGo is unparalleled in style, quality, and convenience.

Vaping cannabis oil is not for everyone. Taking big hits out of a bag isn’t either. That’s why the compact ArGo vape is a dream come true: it’s versatile and you can take it pretty much anywhere. You don’t have to roll joints or bring a pipe and lighter with you when you go out. You can easily pack this nifty tool in a bag and be on your way. 

Plus, dry herb vaping is arguably the safest method of consumption because you don’t inhale nearly the amount of plant-matter you would while smoking a joint or hitting a bong. Why not get stoned the healthy way?

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Oura by KandyPens: 

The Oura is a high-end, easy to maintain portable dab rig that produces terrific vapor clouds that are full of flavor. It also offers the choice of Ceramic or Quartz atomizers, and has four preset temperature levels, with the top one being over 1000°F, giving users the agency to tailor their smoke seshes to the preferred vibe. The Oura is well-designed and small enough to operate with just one hand. It’s an actual dream concentrate vaporizer that will change the way you dab.

It makes sense the Oura rocks. KandyPens is among the go-to brands for vaporizers, especially when it comes to smoking concentrates. The products they manufacture represent the highest level of vaporization in the business. That’s one of the reasons why connoisseurs turn to KandyPens for premium products: Because they yield superior vapor performance every damn time.

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The Linx Eden:

Linx Vapor has done it again! The Linx Eden landed a spot here on MERRY JANE’s top vaporizer list of 2020. For those who don’t know, Linx Vapor is a SoCal based, health-conscious, and technology-driven vaporizer brand with a mission to broaden the boundaries of the market. Their cannabis vaporizers have won numerous awards from Forbes, High Times, Gizmodo, Leafly, Herb, and the “Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Under $100” by Medium. 

The Linx Eden was built around flavor, technology, and affordability, and features convection heating, pure quartz chamber, air insulation, and a food-grade stainless steel shell, all for $99.99. The vapor emitted from this budget-friendly vaporizer is as clean and flavorful as you can get from convection vapes, even ones that cost hundreds more. The Eden’s low price doesn’t come at the expense of quality and features. In fact, this little pen packs a large chamber that making loading and cleaning a breeze, and a set of concentrate pads that let you use extracts and herb at the same time. Oh, and did we mention that you can eat your already vaped bud after a session?

Try the Linx Eden for yourself!

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Compass by Vessel: 

Introducing Compass. We welcomed the challenge of designing a small, yet powerful device that takes form and function to new heights. The Compass features an incredible high-capacity battery, our signature tuned airflow and an unparalleled ergonomic design that feels like it belongs in your hand.


Eureka Vapor:

Eureka Vapor is one of the first CO2 extraction companies that bestowed elegant oil to potheads in California and Colorado. The extracted amber oil and molecularly separated distillate is the highest quality oil you can get that packs a potent punch straight to the head. As such, the company’s dedication to clean and pure oil is what sets it apart from other vape brands. That is extremely important in the context of today’s industry, given the vaping crisis that took place in 2019. 

In Eureka vape carts, you will never find PG, VG, PEG, or any synthetic additives. Their oil and strain-specific terpene profiles undergo rigorous testing, evaluation, and critique before hitting the market. Why? Because it’s what ensures quality, flavorful oil — which is the way cannabis should be!

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DaVinci IQ2 by DaVinci Vapor:

A premium precision vaporizer uses the cleanest, transformative technology to ensure the virtue of your vapor. Never touching any metals or plastics. Check out the World’s First Vaporizer that tracks and reports your intake of THC and CBD down to the draw. With innovative features like on-device dosage, the all-new AirDial and customizable Smart Path technology, the DaVinci IQ2 is the connoisseur’s choice worldwide. Discover a DaVinci Vaporizer today!

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Elite Live Resin Oil by Select/CuraLeaf:

Select is among the brands dedicated to giving people a top-notch cannabis experience. How are they achieving this? Through the art of consistency. Their Elite Live vape cartridges offer the same quality oil that put them on the map, but now they’re infused with freshly harvested live resin terpenes. The combination produces a supreme quality and high potency oil with a wide variety of strain-specific flavor and effects – so sativas feel more stimulating and indicas more sleepy.

As the best-selling vape cartridge on the market, Select Elite delivers an activated, broad-spectrum oil with the highest THC level possible and big flavor. The best part is you can find a strain that fits exactly what you’re looking for. From Jack Herer to Sunset Sherbet to XXX OG to Sour Diesel, CuraLeaf/Select is always sourcing new strains for a variety of flavor and effects.

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PAX 3 by PAX Vaporizers

This is the device that made PAX an icon. PAX 3 is the ultimate portable cannabis vaporizer for dry herb and extracts. It’s powerful yet discreet, smart yet easy-to-use. Elevate your vapor experience to the highest degree with industry-leading heat technology, including 22-second heat-up time for on-demand vaping and temperature settings so you can achieve your ideal combination of flavor and vapor. 

Pax’s engineering and technology gets the most out of your flower, heating cannabis gently and evenly, so there’s little waste. PAX 3 works with or without the PAX App, available on Android or desktop, and comes with a concentrate insert for waxy extracts, extended battery life, and a 10-year limited warranty. 

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*This was made in collaboration with the brands listed above