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Watch Pharrell Recount the First Time He Met Nigo

Nigo used to buy Pharrell designed chains in different colors.

by Adrian Nuñez

Some friendships are built on a longstanding admiration for one another. Two of the most influential style gods Pharrell Williams and Nigo have made their mark courtesy of their respective clothing labels that have helped to define what streetwear truly means. Their longstanding collaborations can be heralded as some of the most iconic clothing to release in the past decade. But how did the two sartorial titans first meet?

Pharrell took to a special Tokyo edition of his OTHERtone Beats 1 show to recount the story of how he first met Nigo. As it turns out, the pair had a mutual jeweler, Jacob the Jeweler no less, and Nigo would buy Pharrell’s jewelry designs in different colors. It didn’t take much convincing Pharrell to meet Nigo, and they finally did in Japan. Williams took a tour of Nigo’s massive creative HQ and the two became fast friends. But it wouldn’t have happened were it not for Nigo’s admiration of Pharrell’s iconic style.

Check out the clip of Pharrell discussing their first encounter here.


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