While originally jokingly named after a London skate crew PWBC’s (Palace Wayward Boys Choir) decrepit flat, Palace Skateboards has since blossomed into a full fledged fashion label. Carried by such high end retailers as Dover Street Market, having collaborated numerous times with adidas and Reebok as well as having opened a shop in London, it is fair to say that the brand’s reach now extends far past skate culture.

In an instagram post previewing some of their upcoming coming fall collection, they have shared that they will be releasing their own rolling papers as a part of it. Called “Palaz,” (with a font reminiscent of the well known Rizla papers) they will be available in two sizes. “King size slims” promise a “rich pothead experience,” and “Palace intensity,” while the smaller “one skinner” size suggests that one should “strap & bun a personal one” for maximum enjoyment.

Palace have never been shy about their love for cannabis, as exemplified by their recent “Absence Of God” inspired series, which features the likenesses of the robots holding and smoking spliffs.

There is no word on a release date other than “soon,” but in until you can puff on a Palace spliff, we suggest you just bun a regular one down and watch this sophisticated adult entertainment right here blad.