On the latest episode of About That Time, our Facebook Live show, our venerable host sat down with rising Toronto rapper NUE. Sponsored by our friends at KandyPens and Swami Select, we sparked things off with several high-quality joints. After praising Los Angeles’ “good weed and good weather” and discussing NUE’s upward trajectory with 300 Entertainment, we peeped his Instagram and put him on the spot about his visit to XXL, a hazy night in Vancouver, and fast times on tour with Fetty Wap that were so wild they can scarcely be recalled (in the best way possible).

The smoke continued to flow as we discussed recent happenings in the weed space during Roll the News, including former New Jersey governor and renown anti-marijuana advocate Chris Christie’s love for Melissa Etheridge, the Mexican government’s trip to Canada on a cannabis fact-finding mission, and Fox and Friends blaming legal weed for teen drug use and homelessness in Colorado.

As is customary, we then consulted the almighty Zodiac as part of our Astrology Time segment. According to his Libra horoscope, NUE is an extremely good listener with very clear memories of the past (LOL), as well as having a knack for making wise investments.

NUE will be dropping new tracks soon, but in the meanwhile check out his IROQUOIS mixtape and his latest EP, u met me at a strange time

Time flies when you’re having fun, but there’s a lot more coming down the pipe. Stay tuned to MERRY JANE’s Facebook page to catch all the ganja-fied glory, and follow us on Instagram to find out who’s joining our joint sessions. We’ll see you there!