Regardless of whether or not you’re playing professional football on the ‘greener’ pastures of California or Colorado, the National Football League (NFL) does not take kindly to their players smoking marijuana. Think of the legendary cannabis using running back Ricky Williams or even the current case of Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns, arguably one of the top wide receivers currently playing in the NFL, but who seems to be on a suspension for cannabis more so than he is on the field. Both of them have received a lot of flack from their marijuana use, and have had to deal with a multitude of suspensions and fines in lieu of it.

Now, Aldon Smith, the defensive linebacker for the Oakland Raiders, has gotten himself into some trouble with the NFL due to a video that reportedly shows him smoking a blunt. According to the video, which was live-streamed from the Periscope account @ravenga, a man was smoking a blunt alongside an unidentified woman, who seems to warn the man behind the camera (presumably Smith) that he probably shouldn’t be filming the smoke session. Although the video never shows Smith’s face, the person behind the camera does say in response, “they don't know it's me. It's not like I put 'Aldon Smith.'”

Not long after that statement is made, the video ends. But, it seems that the NFL investigation of the live-streamed video is just getting underway. Smith has vehemently denied that he is in fact the man smoking the blunt in the Periscope video, even sending out a recent statement on Twitter that reads:

If the NFL does happen to prove that Smith is the blunt smoking culprit heard on video, things won’t be looking too bright for the prominent linebacker’s upcoming season. Smith is already serving out the remainder of a year-long suspension following his third DUI arrest last November, and was slated to be reinstated by the NFL this coming September. But now, with this potential pot-related punishment lingering over his head, Smith may find himself in the midst of another suspension.