Need Weed? Here's Your Guide to the Top 5 Dispensaries in Los Angeles
LA is a huge place — and there are so many places to buy weed. That's why we created this go-to reference guide so you know where to get that good-good every damn time.
Published on September 18, 2020

California grows a shit load of weed. That means dispensaries in the Golden State are FLUSH with pounds of fresh flower and next-level products. So, how do you know what items are good and what brands continually sell mids dressed up as top-shelf gold? Sure, knowing individual brands can help you navigate the world of dank bud. But, there are thousands of cannabis companies in California. And it seems like a new product launch is happening every day.

It's honestly impossible to keep up — unless, of course, your mind organizes information like an Excel sheet. But, that isn't the case for most people! That's why it’s crucial to have a reliable dispensary that's curating its product offerings based on the patients and clientele who shop there. It's pretty much the only way to ensure you get that good-good every damn time. 

2020 has collectively been the harshest year in modern history — and ‘Murica is struggling particularly hard. But that doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on the cannabis you’re consuming. If anything, this year’s events mean we have to self-care extra hard and treat ourselves to fine herbs and highs. That’s why we created this pocket-guide to LA’s top dispensaries: Because we all deserve to know where LA’s best weed is. Enjoy!



Holding the numero uno spot on a list of weed dispensaries in Los Angeles is no an easy feat — there are so many options in this massive, sprawling city! But, Herbarium’s multiple and vertical licenses, for retail, delivery, manufacturing, cultivation and distribution — the only cannabis dispensary to possess all permits — places Herbarium firmly at the top of the list. The family-owned business, with roots in the fashion industry, has an uncanny eye on attention to detail, packaging, superb customer service, and efficient delivery. Herbarium’s premium brand, Caviar Gold, has also won multiple awards. 

The company operates a location in Needles, California, and has plans for eight additional locations. The shop's in-house delivery serice operates within a five-mile radius. Herbarium also partners with Pelican Delivers to deliver products within a 25-mile radius.  

Known for their deep knowledge of all products, from flower to oils, concentrates, edibles, and cannabis-infused chocolates and snacks, Herbarium’s charismatic budtenders make shopping a true experience. There are weekly deals, out the door discounts, and surprise gifts with purchases. But it doesn't stop there: The company also extends a 15 percent discount for seniors, veterans and customers with disabilities upon presentation of credentials. The LA location plans a major renovation that will create a walk-through museum, too! Talk about an exprience.  

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Cornerstone Collective 

Scrolling through their menu you can quickly tell that cannabis is Cornerstone’s passion. The therapeutic nature of weed is what inspired them to start the first true medical and research inspired dispensary in California — over 14 years ago. It’s owned and operated by two LA native latino/as who aren’t just passionate about weed, they’re also equally motivated by decriminalization and creating a true healing center in their community. 

Along the way they built lifelong bonds throughout the industry, and take pride in reliably sourcing unique flowers and products from all over the state, including boutique cultivators tucked away in some of California’s most magical farms. They wrangled an impressive crew of compassionate creatives from very diverse backgrounds, sharing the same common goal: A higher understanding of cannabis, its chemistry, and helping people make the right choice to suit their needs. 

Cornerstone’s dynamic and diverse team is made up of an in-house registered nurse, long- time cultivators, wellness specialists, and an inspired group of culture makers, musicians, artists, curators, photographers, and some high-functioning moms who all turn to cannabis for a different range of reasons. And boy — do they know their house! Together they curate a refined selection of the best weed products available in the legal market — hands down.

Their online menu is informative, but also experiential thanks to the exquisite photography. Shopping is a breeze, just enter your desired feelings using words like “sleep” or “creativity” to dial in your search, and you’re on your way. You’ll find that they offer a wide variety of products, keeping connoisseurs, medical users and newbies all covered. 

They know now’s the time their members need them most, that’s why Cornerstone has stepped up and quickly installed an express online ordering system and window pick-up service at their Eagle Rock location. They added new contactless payment options, and smooth and efficient safe distance guidelines with everyone’s health and safety in mind. You can also get your deeper cannabis questions answered in the comfort of your home, with consultations via phone, email, or text. This year they also welcomed the return of the Cornerstone Cares Compassion Program, committed to providing free high–quality cannabis for their low-income medical members. 

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LA Variety Cannabis

Centrally located in LA’s famed Miracle Mile, Los Angeles Variety Cannabis is a one-stop, must-shop spot for all your cannabis needs. From the heaviest, high testing flower, to pet friendly CBD, LAVC prides itself on daily deals, a 10 percent first time discount, and free delivery to keep your cost low and highs, high. 

Every patient receives one-on-one service from a friendly and personable budtender who makes your visit feel more like an experience and less like a big business transaction. Providing classic and feeling based shopping options, LAVC has made it easy for seasoned and novice cannabis consumers to find exactly what they need. 

Situated just steps away from LACMA and the Petersen Automotive Museum, LAVC recently staked its own claim in the art world by expanding the shop to include a gallery showcasing some of the city’s best up-and-coming artists. Impressive LA themed murals (including a homage to the neighborhood and a Kobe and Gianna Bryant memorial), pop-ups, and merch makes it hard to stop yourself from snapping a few insta-worthy selfies or adding unexpected extras to your order. When it comes to cannabis, LAVC is where you’ll always find your best buds.

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House of Flowers

Located between Echo Park and Silver lake, this unique, street fashion inspired dispensary will stand out among its peers due to its charming design. The Hispanic family-owned business is driven by its premium in-house brand self titled "House Of Flowers," which showcases some of the most unique packaging and finest flower on the market right now. It features three different cultivated strains grown directly in its very own LA-based cultivation facility. The Coast (indica), The Heights (hybrid) and Downtown (sativa), inspired by the unique energies LA emanates, this LA raised family is passionate about curating product that puts you in tune with the energy of the areas the strains are named after. 

This being the first store front, it also features an in house delivery, which has a radius of 7 miles, as well as curbside pick up for those who wish to stay in the car! But we suggest walking inside as this location has so much to offer, with its knowledgeable budtenders, or as they like to call them "florists," no customer will walk out without being an expert on cannabis, or without getting a deal with its daily deals and first time patient deal of 20 percent off. 

If that's not enough to get down, House of Flowers also features a merchandise section inside the store, as they pride themselves on the ability to provide quality clothing just as much as they do flower! They also offer weekly eats, as every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday, and they feature new vendors giving out tacos with any purchase. This is the only location as of now, but they have a delivery only location coming soon to Montebello and another store front coming to South LA. Soon enough you'll see House of Flowers all over LA! After all, Los Angeles is the true home to flowers.

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The Pottery

The Pottery was founded on principles of minimalism and contemporary experiences. As if the store was called "The Dispensary." We keep our focus and attention on the products while selling cannabis just like coffee or wine. We enhance the lives of many and inspire creativity, good health, and a modern lifestyle with the inclusion of cannabis.

We believe in a forward-thinking society and a normalized future of cannabis use!

The Pottery is permitted to sell cannabis to anyone age 21 and older with a government-issued ID card. There is no medical recommendation required to make purchases at The Pottery.

But The Pottery will serve adults age 18 and older with a valid physician’s recommendation and a valid government ID, OR a valid county-issued medical marijuana identification card.

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*This was made in partnership with the dispensaries on this list

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