Hello my dears!

Instead of answering a reader question, I wanted to spend our time together this week helping you get ready for Halloween! Only a couple weeks away, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays: You get to dress up and pretend to be someone (or something!) else, eat loads of candy with little judgment from everyone, and have a raucous time.

So for all you cannabis connoisseurs that want to have the best Halloween ever, read on. I'll tell you what parties to hit in states with legal weed, what to wear, and what kind of treats to try!

Where To Go:

With cannabis being legalized in more states, holiday themed cannabis parties are popping up all over the place. Let's take a look at a few of the ones you can hit in some of the legal states. If you live in a state that is still in the stone age when it comes to cannabis, think about pre-gaming at home before showing up to a non-weed friendly Halloween event. Or host one of your own!

Washington DC:
Hella Weed Halloween. The weekend before Halloween is when all the fun happens, and that's no exception in DC where you'll find the Hella Weed Halloween party happening. Anyone 21+ is welcome, and you'll have a chance to win some awesome prizes in a few different contests, including $80 of cannabis delivery products for the best 420-themed costume!

Halloweed. California hosts a ton of Halloween themed events, but one of the big ones is Halloweed in San Francisco, organized by Hempcon. In addition to the usual costume contests, Halloweed will offer up a number of performances, including some by human suspension artists — truly terrifying!

Mile High Haunted Tours. Want to add a little fright to your fest? Check out Denver's Mile High Haunted Tours, which combines cannabis and some scares for a ghastly, good time! And, tours run on six different dates before Halloween, so you should be able to find one that fits your schedule.

The Dope Cup. Head to Portland to participate in, or witness, The Dope Cup — a juried contest of cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles and topicals. In addition to awesome food carts and music, you'll be able to check out all the folks vying for best in show. With spooky surroundings and plenty of cannabis, this is one of the most fun ways to celebrate Halloween.

Toker's Bowl & Masquerade Gala. Get yourself all dolled up for Seattle's Toker's Bowl and Masquerade Gala. This fifth annual Halloween Extravaganja combines cannabis activism and fun times. Win a prize for your killer costume and learn more about cannabis legislation and the reform movement!

What to Wear: 

Smoke a joint and get your creativity buzzing because you need to come up with a costume! Sure, you can hop online, type in "cannabis costume" and come up with a bunch of store bought ideas, but where's the fun in that? The mom in me compels you to try your hand at making one!

One of my favorite punny costumes is a Pot Brownie. Unearth your old Brownie sash and head to Pinterest to find tips on how to jazz it up for an adult. Have some extra planting pots hanging around? Snag one and pop it on your head (use some string to help tie it around your chin) and voila: Pothead! Extra points for filling your container with candy to hand out. Or, you can wear all white and wrap a bunch of toilet paper around yourself. Wear an orange beanie and continuously blow out smoke. You're a joint!

What to Eat: 

One of the best parts of Halloween is all the candy! One of the best parts of the cannabis community is the abundance of delicious edibles. Combine those two things and you'll have the happiest Halloween ever!

If you fancy yourself a baker and happen to have some cannabutter around the house, you can easily turn any traditional Halloween recipe into a delicious edible. If you want to try your hand at something a bit more "high" end, check out these rad recipes.

The Savory
Roasted Marijuana Pumpkin Seeds
Sativa Spiderweb Dip
Bloodshot Eyes Deviled Eggs

The Sweet
Pumpkin Pot Pie
Creepy Crawly Cannabis Cupcakes
Kooky Chronic Caramels

Hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween! And don't forget, if you have a question, email mother at MotherKnowsMerryJane@gmail.com!

— Mother