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Smoking weed to save the bees has never been easier than it is now.

Golden Shores Cannabis Co. is using biodegradable beeswax tips on its pre-roll joints. These sweet tips also have a wildflower seed inside. So, when you’re done smoking and toss the tip, the tip will begin a new life as a flower. (But in general, please don’t litter!)

“As soon as you’re done smoking it, you throw it in the grass and it’ll plant a flower,” said Jeff Dotson, the president of Golden Shores, to Fox 2 News. “It’s a very hearty plant, so it’ll grow almost in any kind of soil.”

Currently, Golden Shores Cannabis Co. is the only brand in Michigan (but possibly across the US’ legal cannabis industry) to include flower seeds in its crutches (or filters) used for pre-roll tips.

“There’s so much waste within our industry. We’re trying to stop how much waste there is, so with this eco-friendly tip it’s going to help change that stigma,” said Jimmie Caudill, the director of sales at The REEF dispensary in Detroit. 

As the cannabis industry wrestles with it’s pollution problem, some brands have started to build their business models around using plant-based, reclaimed, and recycled materials for packaging. Other brands are dedicated to sustainability and regenerating the environment.