With live streams, what you see is what you get, as it’s happening, right then and there. No bleeps, no cuts, no edits. Just a slice of real life in real-time.

And what’s realer than seeing an artist and noted toker make some fresh ‘n trippy tie-dye shirts from scratch, unrehearsed and unfiltered? This Thursday at 4:20pm PST, MERRY JANE will drop a new livestream featuring the comedian Sara Weinshenk (@princessshenk) as she whips up some funky threads while burning down joint after joint. 

For the unfamiliar, Sara is a comedian, writer, and the host of both the “Shenk” podcast and Comedy Central’s Shenks for Smoking. MERRY JANE is a big fan, and we’re stoked to have her try something crafty for our “MERRY TIME” series. 


During the livestream, three winners will also be selected from the Instagram audience to snag some heady MERRY JANE swag (not schwag), including a hoodie, joggers, and a sweatshirt. To enter for the prizes, simply leave a funny, inspiring, or insightful comment while watching the stream. Sara will announce three winners at the end of the hour-long stream.

Weinshenk’s tie-dye sesh is the third installment in a series of new “MERRY TIME” livestreams coming to your Instagram feed. Stay tuned for another episode on June 3rd, and we’ll keep you posted on other upcoming live shows that we’ll be premiering in the very near future. 

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