If you’re looking to spice things up this Memorial Day weekend, the perfect complement to your BBQ might not be chips and dip, but cannabis. And we’re not just talking about smoking it, either.

Surprisingly enough, along with the classic brownie and cookie, there are dozens of ways to incorporate marijuana into your kitchen. If you're feeling like getting highly creative, this is the perfect time to pull recommendations from the Kush Cookbook so you can grill with grass and/or enjoy cannabis cocktails.

For many of these marijuana-infused dishes, you’ll likely need canna-oil or canna-butter, which isn’t available at your neighborhood market or even your local dispensary. So before you place your main ingredients on the counter, you might need to set aside several hours to make your cannabudder to get things going.

Simple reminder—when you eat marijuana, things might take awhile to kick in, so don’t go cramming your face with Lemon Kush Spring Rolls too quickly, or you might be out for the count in just a few hours. And you don’t want to miss out on all the Memorial Day fun, right?

So put your apron on, fire up the grill, watch the MERRY JANE News report above, and get to cookin’!