Canadian distributor Mehrathon Trading just dropped a timely clip of some of skateboardings best Black skaters. The piece, edited by Eric Lebeau, features the skateboarding of late and living icons like Ray Barbee, Sal Barbier, Keenan Milton, Harold Hunter, Kareem Campbell, Antwuan Dixon and more. 

Dubbed “White Men Can’t Skate” (after Ron Shelton’s “White Men Can’t Jump”), the retrospective begins with a clip of writer/comedian Paul Mooney and is soundtracked to Curtis Mayfield’s “Right On For The Darkness”. Both are very powerful and purposeful selections as they relate to February being Black History Month in America.

Respect to Mehrathon’s historic mindfulness, especially in these publicly tense times in regards to the politics of race. May the much needed and ongoing conversations about the elephant in the national and global room keep going strong.

Right on Mehrathon. Right on.