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Medical Cannabis Organic Super Food: Chocolate Sauce

It's not the first time chocolate has made my girlfriend feel better.

by Arnold Puffington III

by Arnold Puffington III

When it comes to edibles I'm cautious to say the least.

As a daily cannabis smoker I typically stick to sativas and hybrids. A few times a month I'll indulge in indicas, particularly when I feel like my body needs to relax. So when I got this “indica sedating blend” of chocolate sauce to test out, I didn't immediately dig in. The combination of an indica edible and the high dosage – 100mg of THC in a small jar of chocolate fudge with 4 doses – made me realize that if over consumed, this is the type of edible that could knock you on your ass for a day. So I waited for the right opportunity to try it out.

Meet my girlfriend; a fit 28 year old, standing 5'6", weighing 134 pounds, and known to occasionally take a few hits of my joint. She has proven to be particularly selective and sensitive about what strains she likes, and has always been hesitant about edibles. However, last night as she struggled with intense menstrual cramps, in search of relief, she agreed to try out Medical Cannabis Organic Super Food’s Chocolate Sauce.

Peeling back the hermetically sealed top and looking at the Chocolate Sauce, its consistency had become a bit thicker than Nutella after several weeks cooling in my fridge. Cautious of dosage, I did some quick math in my head and figured out that 1/4 of this container would be around 25mg of THC. I knew for a lightweight, casual smoker like my girlfriend, someone who never takes edibles, that a full dose would be way too strong. So I went with about a quarter of a serving, which I figure would be somewhere around 5 to 8 mg. Dipping the tip of a table spoon into the container I scraped out small portions for her and I to both try. The instructions told us that if we heated up the jar in warm water we could turn this into a syrup, however we didn’t really have the patience, and in search of its intended effects, we opted to dive straight in. We ate the tiny portions straight off the spoon.

The chocolate was rich with a consistency and flavor that reminded me of some of the raw artisanal chocolates I've tried at a local gourmet chocolate store. And then we waited. I'm sensitive to edibles, and about 15 minutes in I detected the familiar sense of relaxation in my body and could tell the product was working its magic. My girlfriend however, said she wasn't sure if she felt anything, but I advised her to wait a bit longer, avoiding the common mistake of doubling down on dosage too early only to get hit with a double whammy or worse when the effects finally kick in. About 30 minutes in she said her body felt relaxed, and her intense menstrual cramps, which had laid her on the couch for several hours, were subsiding. Most importantly for her, she didn't feel sleepy, groggy or out of sorts. Comparatively, when she smokes she often passes out so she was pleasantly surprised to feel relaxed physically while being able to stay awake and alert as we watched Conan the Barbarian on Netflix together at 1 in the morning. It was late and we didn't need another dose so we decided to go to bed and had a solid nights sleep thanks in large part to the relaxing effects of our edible.

In the morning my girlfriend turned to me and said she thought the edibles really worked and that they helped take away the pain, and she still felt completely alert and in control.  "The Advil didn't do anything for me," she said, "I think I'll just eat some of that chocolate again in the future," which on her scale of 1 to 10 is perhaps the highest praise of all.


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