Legendary skate spots tend to not stand the test of time. Even decades of solid use as in the case of Philadelphia’s Love Park, or San Francisco’s Embarcadero (aka EMB), fall victim to the demolition, reconstruction and eventual complete obliteration of once thriving scenes that cultivated some of the biggest names in modern street skateboarding.

London’s Southbank skate spot, on the other hand, is a rebel with a cause. Ever since the threat of its demise a few years ago, the local and international skate community worked together to save the precious locale. Long Live South Bank (LLSB) emerged as the spearheading organization that’s worked to protect the space by bringing awareness of it to the rest of the world, and by working with lawyers to defend its stake. The efforts have been so valiant and successful that the organization has not only saved the spot, but is now doubling down on the success and raising funds to restore the architecture and provide creative services for community youth and visitors.

The goal is to raise 790,000 Euros, approximately $880K, in a joint crowdfunding effort of international proportions. The money will then be used to fix up the Queen Elizabeth Hall Undercroft by way of repaving and lighting. The funds will also be used to create a brand new learning and education center space scheduled to open in 2018.

To mark this ambitious plan and fundraising effort, LLSB has released an amazing edit dubbed “Southbank's Longest Line 1973-2017” which features a creatively synchronized montage of vintage and modern riding through the space. The clip flows as if it were one cohesive and historic edit, a testament to the spot and its unparalleled importance to the local and international skateboard community.

Supporters can donate to the cause by visiting the official LLSB donation page here.