On the latest episode of About That Time on Facebook Live (Halloween edition, shout out to Oscar the pumpkin!), we linked up with Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter King Princess. Sponsored by the fine folks at KandyPens and Swami Select, we sparked things off with a healthy dose of dank and immediately veered into a conversation about touring overseas, edible preferences (King Princess likes weed gummies!), and Austin Powers 3 Halloween costumes. 

We then took a stroll through King Princess’ Instagram account, hearing stories of getting frisky with Beyonce cutouts backstage, cute but chlamydia-infected koalas, covering The White Stripes for triple j’s Like a Version, and more. 

After our trip through social media, it was time to Roll the News, where we check out some of the biggest stories in the cannabis space. We talked about Safe Street Alliance’s ridiculous lawsuit over the smell of weed in Colorado, the 16-year-old in Kentucky who got arrested with almost 60 pounds of cannabis products, and rolled our eyes at former Republican congressman John Boehner’s new scheme to sell pot stock tips.

And you know it wouldn’t be 4:20 without Astrology Time! After consulting King Princess’ Sagittarius chart, it predicted that she makes friends effortlessly, is likely to lose interest if things come too easily, and is happiest when she can use her profession to affect change. Was the Zodiac spot-on, or far off? 

King Princess will be regaling us with a new track on Friday, November 2nd, but until then you can listen to her single “1950,” and her debut EP Make My Bed. If you happen to live in Australia or New Zealand, catch her soon at venue near you

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