Last week’s episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” followed the celebrity squad to Costa Rica for a family vacation full of fun in the sun and the expected sibling squabbles. And while our reality TV tastes are usually more focused on cooking shows, the Kardashian vacation caught our attention when Khloe showed up with a perfectly rolled joint. 

According to gossip sites across the Internets, Khloe can be seen hugging her estranged brother in law Scott Disick with what appears to be a slightly coned joint rolled in a Raw paper with a cardboard filter.



The episode didn’t show Khloe sparking up, but a source told TMZ that the show’s producers didn’t mind the unscripted cannabis interruption because it offered a natural look into the celebrities’ lives.

This isn’t the first time that Khloe’s been called out for getting friendly with ganja, back in 2014 she was photographed at a nightclub with rapper The Game smoking on what her publicist called a “hookah stick,” but what is also very clearly a blunt full of weed.




At least this time no one is trying to tell us the joint is full of lavender or prop tobacco. Besides, personal use cannabis is decriminalized in Costa Rica, so Khloe has no legal issues to worry about. 

What we really want to know is who rolled the joint – if Khloe’s skills are that good she’s definitely not a novice. 

So if you’re reading this, Khloe, feel free to stop by MERRY JANE headquarters. We’ll twist a few up and give you a lovely staycation right here in California – our door is always open.