While most American chain restaurants offer a similar set fare, fast food franchises overseas often experiment with coveted staples and outlandish menu items like holiday-themed burgers that come in any and every color imaginable.

This time around KFC’s Singapore branch combined two things that, frankly, we’re pretty sure no one seriously wanted. They call it the “Chizza” and it truly is what nightmares are made of.

And while you’ve probably had chicken on pizza before, the Colonel and his crew threw that concept out of the window, taking dough out of the equation and putting the pizza on your chicken.

This hellish delight is a deep-fried chicken breast filet laden with tomato sauce, topped off with some “chicken ham,” and a stomach-turning heap of pineapple, mozzarella, and a cheese sauce that appears to have been scraped from vats of cheese whiz found in the belly of a barren pre-Y2K factory somewhere.

These days even stoners are upping their palates with more refined takes on edibles and munchies. But, we can’t all eat kale chips, and If you’re not of that ilk and want to scarf down something that will earn you an early trip to the grave, then the Chizza may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Time to call up a travel agent and book that hotel room – we hear Singapore is beautiful this time of year.