Kevin Terpening Turns Nike’s New Dunk into a Quick Show of Speed and Grace in New “Elite Squad” Edit
Watch the Nike SB rider run and gun his way through the streets to promote the sportswear giant’s new technically advanced twist on the classic Dunk SB.
Published on July 23, 2017

Like a bullet out of the barrel or bat out of hell, Kevin Terpening’s new NIke SB edit quickly reminded us why the Ohio native is one of the best young skaters in the new crop of shredders taking over the industry. Terp rides walls like Spider-Man, pops over anything in front of him and does almost half his tricks while powering down a hill.

Thus far, the Elite Squad series has kept true to the name, showcasing Nike’s highly touted skaters at the top of their game. The clean visuals and action-oriented editing create a somewhat voyeuristic yet immersive feel that draws any viewer, skater or pedestrian, in like a moth to flame. In this edition you’ll catch Kevin seamlessly do everything from slap curbs to wall ride behind a parked SUV, and add a few extra pushes before every trick. As discreet and mild-mannered as the ripper looks, his skill on the board is something else completely. He’s also sporting the Swoosh’s brand new Nike SB Dunk Hi Elite throughout the edit, hence the branding and title cohesion.

Put this one on if you want a quick adrenaline rush to the head, or just press play to give your eyeballs some exercise, Kevin Terpening is one fast-moving target that’ll give your peepers a run for their money.

Rainey Cruz
Rainey Cruz is a Caribbean-born spirit based in New York City with interests in art, music, skateboarding, mysticism, street, and world culture.
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