Kathy Bates can pretty much do anything. From her Oscar-winning performance in the adaptation of Stephen King’s Misery to countless comedy roles, the 69 year-old actress is a force to be reckoned with on the silver screen. In her newest project, Bates is tackling a subject a little closer to home – the medical marijuana industry. 

According to Variety, Bates has partnered with Netflix to star in the subscription streaming service’s latest original series, Disjointed, a sitcom that will follow Bates as Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, a lifelong cannabis advocate and dispensary owner navigating her new profession.

For Bates, a breast and ovarian cancer survivor who has used medical marijuana to treat her nausea and chronic pain, cannabis served as a wonder drug, telling an interviewer from the AARP, “It helped tremendously.” In her role in Disjointed, Bates is taking the safe health and wellness approach to the still-taboo subject matter.

“Ruth’s whole raison d’être is, she views what she does as helping others heal.” Bates said. 

While shows like Weeds and High Maintenance have dealt with America’s cannabis obsession in their own unique ways, Disjointed will be the first mainstream scripted show to focus on a legal pot shop and the country’s legal marijuana industry. In the trailer you can already see the prevalence of pre-packed vaporizers and bong hits that look relatively convincing, suggesting that we might finally get a somewhat realistic look at the cannabis industry on TV.

Disjointed will be available to stream starting August 25th, with all 20 episodes of the sitcom releasing at once in true Netflix fashion. It’s perfect for a baked binge watching session with your favorite strain and whole lotta munchies.