If you ask comedic legend Tommy Chong what’s the best thing he ever smoked, he smiles.

“The problem is, after you smoke, you forget this shit,” he laughs. Hmm, he has a point.

Chong was looking dapper on the red carpet of his 78th birthday celebration in Los Angeles on Tuesday, where he made history, hosting his first ever legal cannabis-friendly comedy event.

Photos: Terrell Young/ MERRY JANE

MERRY JANE chatted with the lovable stoner about his new found life in the legal weed business, and the secret to a long and fulfilling life….(hint: it’s not the weed he credits).

The star-studded soiree – where guests included Don “Magic” Juan, Mike Judge, and Action Bronson – doubled as a launch party for Chong’s Choice, a new line of cannabis products distributed under his iconic image.

“For Chong's Choice we decided to hook up with the best growers across America,” he said. “We were going to start doing different strains. But there is just so much weed coming out, forget the strain…let's go for the bulk and do a distribution deal with them to use my name and celebrity to promote the product,” Chong told MERRY JANE.

“The only criteria is that it's the best weed in the area. When you don't have any weed in the area, any weed is the best weed,” he joked.

Chong said his favorite part about owning his own weed company is the free samples.

“I can never have too much free weed,” Chong told reporters before taking a moment ahead of his celebratory comedy show and smoke sesh to catch up with his long time friend and comedic partner, Cheech Marin.

“Cheech is a serial edible abuser,” Chong laughed.  “He abuses edibles, he can't help himself! He takes a little bite, he says, ‘I don't think I took too much,’ and then he eats the rest and is just stoned.

Legalize It

Chong, a marijuana activist, has spent much of his post-acting career seling pot-related products. In 2003, facing federal charges, Chong served nine months in prison for selling bongs, that's right BONGS online.  

With California voters making a decision on recreational marijuana this November, Chong had strong words about the pending legalization: “I don't care what's on the ballot,” Chong told MERRY JANE. “It's going to be legalized, but they need to decriminalize it,” said Chong, whose cellmate was none other than Jordan Belfort aka the Wolf of Wallstreet.


Fans from across the globe took to social media Tuesday, using the hashtag #HappyChongDay to send birthday wishes to the 78-year-old. Chong revealed his secret to longevity, and nope….it’s not weed. “The secret is a really good looking wife. I have a truly beautiful wife,” he said. 

“She dresses me, she tells me what I'm going to eat, she picks out movies for me, tells me when to go to bed. I don't have to do anything but smile.”  Smoke and smile! We love it.

Reefer For All

No medical marijuana recommendation? No problem. An on-site doctor provided evaluations so guests could pop in to the Chong's Choice pop-up dispensary. Gifts included prerolls with Chong’s face etched at the butt of the joint as well as glass jars of Chong’s Choice OG Kush, an indica-dominant hybrid or Jack Herer a sativa that can boost your mood and offer a creative flow, our budtender explained.

Chong the Rapper

Chong, who got his start in music at age 16, told MERRY JANE he plans to make a rap song in the future.

“I've been talking to the rapper A$AP. I was supposed to meet with him but he never showed…typical rapper,” Chong shrugged.

Chong and Snoop were on GGN together, would you want to see them in the studio next?