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There comes a point in every serious toker’s life when some semblance of organization becomes mandatory. With all of the gear and accessories that inevitably seem to accumulate, a go-to place for all pot accoutrements makes it easy to keep track of everything and find the right tool for the job when it’s needed. Enter: the stash box.

In its simplest form, a stash box is simply a container for holding weed and perhaps a pack of rolling papers or a pipe. But with a little more thought and preparation, a stash box can be an epic tool kit ready for any kind of sesh at a moment’s notice. If you’ve ever found yourself with everything you needed to get high except one essential item, you’ll appreciate just how handy a dope stash box can be.

How big your stash box should be is dependent on how you enjoy your cannabis, how much paraphernalia you’ve managed to collect, and how you plan to use it. A small wooden box might suffice for someone who’s only interested in rolling a joint at home, while a large Pelican case with custom foam cutouts for concentrates, a rig, and a torch (I’ve seen them!) might be in order for someone who wants to dab on-the-go.


Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

Deciding what to include in your stash box should be determined by how you consume cannabis. If you’re a smoker, first and foremost your stash box needs some pot. All the tools and gadgets in the world don’t mean shit if you don’t have any herb, ya feel me? You can store your flower in the package in which it came or pick up some storage containers that fit in your stash box. Slip in a humidity control pack to keep your bud at optimum freshness, if you feel so inclined. Once you’ve scored your bud, it’s time to add some equipment for smoking.

Start with a couple of packs of rolling papers in different sizes. If you haven’t mastered the art of rolling joints freehand, a small rolling device will help ensure that your joints burn evenly — and probably spare you from jokes at your expense as it’s passed around. Add a few blunt wraps to the stash box to round out your rolling options, and throw in some crutches, too, if you use them. Sometimes packs of rolling papers come with crutches (you know, malleable cardboard papers to roll into filters), but you can also use business cards for an ultra-MacGyver experience. 

Next, you’ll want to make sure your stash box has a lighter — but realistically, two. We all know how they tend to disappear once everybody is high. Purists who eschew firing up a joint or bowl with a lighter to avoid any contamination from the fuel will also want to include a roll of hemp wick to ensure a clean flame for lighting up.

A good smoker’s stash box will also have some hardware. A quality grinder makes shredding up your buds for rolling or packing a bowl quick and easy. You also can’t forget a poker, an essential tool for bong and pipe smokers. You can pick one up at a head shop, stretch out a bobby pin, or turn to the old standby that’s served generations of stoners well: wire cut from a dry cleaner’s hanger.

Running out of papers is a devastating realization 100 percent of the time. So, having a pipe in your stash box is the clutch move for obvious reasons. Just don’t forget to put it back in the box.


A Little Dab’ll Do Ya

If dabbing is more your style, you can tailor your stash box to suit that need. Start with creating space for your concentrates. As with flower, you can leave your cannabis products in the container you bought them in or pick some up — just make sure they’re reusable. You’ll also need a good dab tool for vaping your concentrates, and a spare carb cap could come in handy, too. Don’t forget the cotton swabs and some rubbing alcohol. You can get the ones that come in a travel-size bottle from the drug store so it doesn’t take up much space in your kit.

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Whatever your preferred method of ingestion may be, a vape pen is great for convenience, and it’s inherently compact. A bottle of eye drops and some breath mints might also be in order for your stash box if you prefer to keep your cannabis use on the down low. And of course, if you like to mix up the products you consume, you’ll want to include items for both smoking and dabbing. Even if you tend to gravitate to one form of consumption, a well-appointed kit that covers all the bases is good to have on hand when friends come over or if you feel like trying something new. 

If you haven’t put together a stash box of your own yet, it’s time to get organized! You’ll be happy you did, and may even discover you’re not wasting as much time looking for the damn lighter.