Giving gifts can be a loaded experience. Sometimes we feel obligated to give people presents, which isn’t fun. Other times we are clueless about what someone might want — also not fun. Thankfully, gifting cannabis is pretty much always a win. That is, as long as the person you’re giving it to is also 420-friendly. If they aren’t, you probably shouldn’t be friends with them! Just kidding.

But really, giving the gift of green, or accessories to facilitate an elevated experience, is almost always a home run. You’re seen as a benevolent rock star for giving a stellar present, and they get to kick back, relax, and toke up — which is pretty much the only thing there is to do in 2020.

It’s a win-win. That’s why we spent the last two weeks rounding up the best cannabis products we’d like to receive this holiday season. After all, the first rule of being an all-star gift-giver is determining whether you’d like to receive the present. If not, why the hell would you buy it for someone else? That’s essentially the logic we used while aggregating this list of spectacular products — and we’d honestly love to get every. single. one. 

No need to go on a wild goose chase this year to find presents for everyone. We’ve got you totally covered. Happy holidaze, and enjoy!


The Décolleté Rolling Tray by Highlands Accessories

The Décolleté Rolling Tray is the first product to launch at Highlands Accessories. This rolling tray is inspired by the natural hills and valleys created by a woman’s clavicle.

The tray’s design is truly unique: The hollows created above the collar bones work perfectly to hold one’s herb of choice, while the valley at the center of the chest creates the perfect space for rolling. The corner in the upper right offers a level area on the tray, serving as the perfect spot for a grinder, jar, candle, whatever you desire. 

Each ceramic rolling tray is handmade in America and comes with a hand-sewn dust bag for safe storage. Highlands Accessories ships worldwide with plastic-free and zero-waste packaging.

For more information visit Highlands Accessories online
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BATCH by Wisconsin Hemp Scientific

We could all use a little help destressing this year. That’s why BATCH by Wisconsin Hemp Scientific is taking “midwest nice” to a new level by offering an amazing holiday bundle this season. For only $119, BATCH is giving you over $220 worth of hand-crafted CBD products. Whether it’s the lotion, tincture, or chocolate bar, everyone is bound to find something they love in this value-packed bundle. Gift it to someone you love, split it up and scratch multiple names off your list, or keep it all for yourself.

BATCH sources their hemp from local Wisconsin farmers and conducts all operations under one roof in Milwaukee, WI. From farm to doorstep, BATCH oversees the entire journey for ultimate consistency and quality. They’ll even show you their process to see for yourself! There’s no doubt that you know what you’re getting with BATCH. 

For the full list and description of all eight CBD products included in this bundle, visit BATCH online.


My Bud Vase

He sees you when you’re smoking, he knows when you are baked…” 

Make Santa’s “Nice List” this year and give the perfect gift of a My Bud Vase™. Being stuck at home this holiday season just got brighter with their festive bongs. My Bud Vase is all about the magical details that make smoking beautiful. Fly over to to check out our exclusive styles, accessories, and 20% OFF holiday deals that will make you a gift-giving hero and have Santa ridin’ high.  

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Lowell Farms

Lowell Herb Co is giving you all the reasons to celebrate the holidays with their new exclusive gift package. Inside their Gold Rush Gift Set, fans will receive one of their legendary Black Packs paired with Jackfruit Bubble Hash (60% THC) and Pineapple OG rosin sauce in the convenient Lowell Dart (70% THC). Together, these products create the Gold Rush smoke that will certainly elevate whatever you’re celebrating!

But, consider yourself warned: Their Black Packs are known for flying off shelves, and Lowell has shared that they only have a couple hundred available as a part of this exclusive offering. This gift set won’t last long, so get your hands on the Gold Rush smoke soon because there might not be a later.



Looking for a unique Vape experience while raging the night away at home in quarantine? Try the CBDaf! “Vape Variety” bundle! CBDaF! Is offering this bundle at a price you can’t beat!

This all-inclusive bundle combines the bomb flavors of Pineapple Express , Blue Dream, and Granddaddy Purple, PLUS a premium vaporizer battery, all in one easy to use vape bundle! You won’t be disappointed by the mind-blowing flavors in this package! Try us once, we’ll see you again soon, guaranteed. View a list of our entire bundle assortments here

The team at CBDaF! is comfortable not conforming to the same boring or sketchy standards you find in the CBD industry. And, because of this, they transparently make kick sss products that are always backed up through independent testing. Whether you’re 24- or 64-years-old, CBDaF! DGAF — your vibe attracts your tribe!

For more information, visit:


“MEC” by Lioneal


Entertain your guests in a unique way with the “MEC,” the Marijuana Entertainment Center. This design creates easy access to your herb and features an entertainment platform for your phone/tablet with a built-in roll tray, plus storage space for all of your accessories. Roll up with friends, family, or even by yourself and MEC IT A NIGHT TO REMEMBER. LIONEAL COMPANY is based in the USA. This unique patented design is light, compact, perfect for traveling, and practical making it easy and fun to use. Choose from four galaxy colors blue, purple, red, and black, use DISCOUNT “MERRYJANE” at checkout for a special Christmas gift of free shipping! Grab yourself a loved one your own LIONEAL MEC today! 

For more information, visit:


Flower Company

Looking for the best buds from the best brands, but don’t want to break the bank? Check out FLOWER COMPANY. At 50 percent dispensary prices, FLOWER CO.’s massive menu (500+ products!) is sure to lift your spirits this holiday season. And with FREE next-day delivery on orders over $75 for members, it’s like shopping on the amazon of weed.

Make your life cannabis abundant.

For more information, visit: 


GEAR Premium® Sidekick 12” Tall Laid Back Beaker Tube

The GEAR Premium® Sidekick is three things: Innovative, timeless and a complete package. Featuring a one-of-a-kind, patent-pending built-in lighter holster so you never lose your flame, it’s made of 100 percent borosilicate glass and features a flat mouthpiece, laid back tube, and 24K gold decals. With its flush mount diffuser downstem, it’s sure to give you the smoothest hits you could ever imagine. Not to mention that with every GEAR Premium® Sidekick pipe, you get a FREE t-shirt, lighter, sticker, and keychain. It’s a stunning masterpiece that combines aesthetics with performance and offers exclusive features that are incomparable.


Burning Bottles

Veteran owned and operated, Burning Bottles takes pride in each and every water pipe made because they know their “Upcycle” approach is one step closer to helping our hurting environment. They want their customers to have the best experience, while simultaneously knowing they’re doing something good for the Earth. Visit their online store, or fill out their contact form for your very own custom order.

Veteran and now contractor, Anthony Russo of Pennsylvania has always been highly creative, and passionate about the environment and building things with his hands. When he noticed how many glass bottles were being tossed in the trash at homes and businesses, he had an epiphany: Why not upcycle that glass and create water pipes? 

When you have the opportunity to help others live more sustainably all while making people smile in the process, you should take it. That’s just what Anthony did, and how Burning Bottles came to be. He’s been upcycling bottles for over 3 years now. Join Anthony and the rest of the Burning Bottles family in a mission to make people smile and save the planet.

Want Anthony to make a custom bottle you don’t see in our online store? They can make steamrollers and double-decker water pipes (smaller bottles on handles of the same brand). 

For more information, visit


Z’s Life Rolling Papers

When you choose Z’s Life, you are not only smoking the most beautiful papers on the market, but helping plant trees. Smoke sustainably and in style this holiday season with Z’s Life. 

Z’s Life is a lifestyle brand that develops elegant objects to enhance the smoking experience.  They combine ingenuity and creative thought to beautify your cannabis lifestyle. 

Every Z’s Life rolling paper booklet is handcrafted by artisans in Europe, who expertly assemble each ZBook with 50 rolling papers and 50 filters.  Z’s ultra-thin, all-natural rolling papers are made from flax, a plant grown all over the world.  There are no additives, and an even burn is guaranteed every time.  All booklets feature a gold magnet that protects the papers and filters within, and makes a satisfying “click” upon closure.

For more information visit:


MOTA Glass

When you buy American-made glass, you support the work and livelihood of an independent artist. MOTA Glass is made in Los Angeles, California, by a collective of independent glassblowers. In other words, these glass pieces are not imported from overseas. The MOTA team believes in an inclusive cannabis community centered around honesty, integrity, and respect for the plant — and the people who enjoy its benefits.

MOTA is a minority- and woman-owned company that not only offers an American-made product, they’re also crafting some of the highest quality glass bongs in California. Once you start using MOTA Glass, you’ll have a new understanding of quality smokeware. The difference is obvious upon first touch, but the high-end smoking experience is forever etched into the psyche after your first MOTA sesh. 

Visit MOTA Glass online for more information.


Flora’s Delta-8 CBD Gummies

Struggling to find the perfect gift for people on your holiday shopping list? Flora’s new Delta-8 CBD Gummies are the perfect solution! 

Each of these hemp gummies contains 10mg of concentrated Delta 8, a potent cannabinoid known for its ability to relieve stress and promote a deep sense of calm. These gummies are ideal for the busy and active people in your life because each serving can provide the extra support needed to cope with the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

Do you know any night shift workers, full-time college students, or stay-at-home parents balancing professional and family life? Then look no further than Flora’s Delta-8 Gummies for the perfect gift this holiday season. 

Still not sure what Delta-8 gummies can do? Here are some of the benefits of Delta-8 gummies:

– Overall feelings of relaxation
– Stress relief and mental clarity
– Support for daily pains and aches
– Reduced fatigue and discomfort
– Sleep support when taken at night

And because these gummies are made from American-grown hemp and tested at independent laboratories, you can trust that they meet the highest industry standards for quality and safety. So, what are you waiting for? Order Flora’s new Delta-8 CBD Gummies to spread peace and joy with the most potent hemp-based products available today!

For more information visit 


Heavy Hitters

The Ultra special gifts will always be remembered. Heavy Hitters, known as the connoisseur’s choice for the highest quality cannabis, offers a wide range of premium treats to make spirits ultra bright.

The Classic Choice: Ultra 1G Vape Carts

The original Ultra Pure and Ultra Potent vape carts provide extremely potent effects and deliciously strong hit every time. With over 90 percent THC and more than 20 strains to choose from, Ultra is the obvious choice to elevate every celebration.

The Connoisseurs Pick:  Live by Heavy Hitters 1G Concentrate & .5G Vape Carts

Bursting with every unique terpene and cannabinoid found in each cultivar, Live is the connoisseur’s choice for those wanting the freshest, terpiest, and full-spectrum concentrate. Get the best of both worlds to enjoy the various textures from the Live 1G and dab on the go with the Live .5G Vape Carts.

Stocking Stuffer: Ultra Potent Gummy

Experience euphoria in the most delicious way possible with the heaviest hitting gummies on the market. With 20mg THC per two-serving piece, the Ultra Potent Gummies combine the Ultra Pure and Ultra Potent concentrates with custom terpene blends to deliver a powerful, targeted experience. 

For more information visit:


Ball Family Farms Holiday Travel Case & “Tha Last Dragon” Strain Collection

The custom travel and storage case comes with a Ball Family Farms (BFF) wooden rolling tray, a custom papers and ink rolling kit, and flower storage jars. The papers are made with natural Arabic gum and non-toxic vegetable-based inks. The storage jars’ lids are designed to hold humidity packs to keep your flower as fresh as a spring day. 

BFF also has some of the best flower on the West Coast. So, if you really love who you’re shopping for, you could also fill the jars that come in the travel case with BFF cannabis. But, be aware that such a monumental gift will cause them to love you forever and ever and ever. So, give the gift of fine herb at your own discretion. Or, you could just keep it and experience the levitation of killer weed for yourself.

For more information visit:


Yellow CBD

Yellow CBD is the new kid on the block breaking the boring CBD tincture scene with exciting flavor profiles and product offerings like their Lemonade Flavor CBD tincture. There’s a reason this one made our list this year: Yellow’s Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is also making waves with their affordable great-tasting formula at only $55 for 1000mg! Damn.

Affectionately coined the “Happiness” CBD Oil, this delicious lemonade tincture is the perfect pick-me-up for days when you need just a little extra joy.

To get your Yellow CBD Lemonade Tincture, head over to to get in on their sweet deals! Keep one for yourself and gift a bonus bottle to your friend or loved one this Holiday season. Shop now before the holidays are over! 

For more information visit


Sky Wellness

We’re here to make people feel better, and there’s no time like the holidays to start! If you’re looking to start the holidays on the right foot, and slide happily into the New Year already a new you, try the Sky Wellness’ Feel Better CBD bundle, now through the end of the year at a price you can’t beat!

This all-inclusive bundle is packed full with 125MG of CBD gummies, 125MG of CBD Sleep Soft Gels, 500MG of CBD Peppermint Hemp Oil, and 250MG of CBD + 10MG CBG Pain Relief Lotion. It’s a perfect gift for you, or for the “hard to buy for” in your circle of family and friends. We’re known as the “feelings and flavors” CBD company, so not only do our products work like a charm, they taste great too. Double win! View a list of our entire bundle assortments here

Sky Wellness products are made only from the highest quality raw materials in the cleanest, safest, certified facilities in the USA. Our CBD products are created by nature, perfected by science, and designed to make you Feel Better.

For more information visit


The Revolver

While we all can’t afford to have a personal joint-roller on hand like Snoop Dogg, you still can roll the perfect joint, or roll five in a row without making a mess. All it takes is The REVOLVER.

The REVOLVER is a revolutionary all-in-one device that allows you to grind your favorite herb directly into pre-rolled cones, and it holds up to five cones from size 1 ¼  to King.

No need for a separate two-piece grinder, it’s got a high-grade aluminum one built right in.  Want to smoke in something else? The 6th chamber is a chute to the bottom container, so you can store your ground herb for another time or bust out that special glass piece from your collection.  Like a tightly packed joint? There’s a poker included that stores itself within the device.

Designed by a medical device expert with an appreciation for the perfect smoke, the REVOLVER is built with the highest quality materials and is truly the only device you will ever need.  

Grab some herb and get rolling — The REVOLVER comes with everything you need:

– Twenty (20) Signature Pre-Rolled Cones
– A box of matches
– A signature JTube

Simple design. Easy to use. Quick to fill. That’s The REVOLVER. 

For more information visit, and use code “MerryJane” at checkout for $20 off The REVOLVER device and free shipping. 



The PS1 is the world’s first 2-in-1 DOUBLE vape cartridge and wax/concentrate bubbler battery! It is the ultimate device for those looking to experience all the majesty of THC and CBD concentrates. 

This Revolutionary battery works with most 510 threaded cartridges on the market and allows for a better vaping experience with the inclusion of our bubbler by putting water in the glass mouthpiece! It also comes with two 510 threaded heating elements. That means you can dab on with this e-rig to your heart’s delight and experience the benefits of water filtration and a cooling effect on this bubbler as soon as it arrives on your doorstep.

Oh yeah, you can also mix and match your favorite cartridges and/or concentrates to vape at the same time? Yes, it’s true. One cartridge and one heating element for the concentrates can be used together! Only have one cartridge? No problem. There’s an included “dummy cart” that can be substituted for use with a single cartridge.

For more information visit

**This was made in partnership with the brands featured above.