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In our series, "HiTunes," we investigate various marijuana lore throughout music history, debunking myths and sifting through hazy rumors for the blunt truth. Why have multiple artists written songs warning others about smoking with Willie Nelson? Why do so many songs about weed reference Humphrey Bogart? What albums required the most weed to make? We'll explore these urban legends and more.

Tracking The Beatles’ substance intake provides a something of barometer for ‘60s rock as a whole. Jittery, amphetamine-aided R&B/teeny-bop pop gave way to mellower, blunted folk rock (Help!, Rubber Soul), then to head-blown psychedelia (Revolver, Sgt. Pepper), and finally to coked-up eclecticism (The White Album, Let It Be). While the band’s well-publicized popularization of LSD might have been the bigger overall contribution to drug culture, the Fab Four also clearly loved to smoke herb.