As a MERRY JANE reader, you are likely very familiar with the web series High Maintenance. In the shocking event that you are not, the show revolves around a nameless cannabis delivery man (known as “The Guy”) who cycles around delivering to stressed New Yorkers. Hilarity ensues, and you soon understand it’s show about weed that is not about weed at all, a love for for the herb is just the one thing in common that all the customers have.

Originally streaming via Vimeo, the latest season has moved to premium channel HBO (it premiered last Friday at 11PM EST) and as it turns out, is partially scored by the Brooklyn based band Grizzly Bear’s drummer, Christopher Bear. While some of his music had been used in past episodes, this is his first stab at scoring. It’s a perfect match, as Christopher’s musical aesthetic fits the mood of the show to a tee.

Grizzly Bear are currently working on the eagerly anticipated follow up to 2012’s Shields, but if you need a fix immediately then watch the High Maintenance trailer here and tune into the next episode this coming Friday.