These days it seems like everyone smokes weed. No matter what city you’re in, or what type of crowd you’re around, someone is always sneaking a joint, puffing their vape pen or just blatantly burning down the block. For some folks though, cannabis is still a foreign entity, packed with years of stigma and skepticism.

To get past those attitudes for at least a few of last generation’s reefer madness holdovers, The Cut put together a panel of three grandfathers to get high for the first time and experience what all the ganja hoopla is really about.   

The grandpas all look like they’ve been getting high since Woodstock, but insist otherwise. The panel is comprised of Robert, a man who looks like he splits his time between Margaritaville and the Tommy Bahama outlet store, Marvin, whose matted dreads and deformed beanie apparently do not represent his recreational habits, and Gram, who looks like recently woke up out of a Starsky and Hutch-induced coma.

The squad is introduced to weed through as many forms of paraphernalia as possible, with a bong, bubbler, bowl of joints and shiny new vaporizer to get them started. After a few minutes of fumbling, and a chamber left full of smoke, the crew starts to relax a bit, and it’s not long before they’re baked beyond belief. 

Gram definitely starts feeling it the hardest, and after 20 minutes of sucking down smoke, he’s 75% passed out and 25% “really, really relaxed.” 

After 50 minutes, Robert describes his experience as “like if you’re used to wearing loose clothes and all of the sudden someone wraps you in duct tape,” while Marvin contemplates the longevity of the sun. 

Eventually the crew is given fidget spinners and snacks, and the trio falls back into teenagedom like they never actually grew up. It’s not exactly clear if any of the grandparents will continue to get high after the segment, but if nothing else, they’ve broken the taboo, expanded their minds and given us eight solid minutes of laughter.

Next time, we wanna see what happens when they replace flowers with dabs. We’re guessing Gram would still be asleep.