If you’re a fan of raunchy sports-oriented comedies,  then you’ve probably seen Goon, the hilarious story of a bouncer with a knack for fighting who becomes a hockey enforcer. If you haven’t, this should be added to your watch list.

Goon, released in 2011, was directed by Michael Dowse (who then went on to direct the cute little film What If starring Daniel Radcliffe) and written by Jay Baruchel and Evan Goldberg (Seth Rogen’s close collaborator). Seann William Scott (a man we’ll collectively remember as Stiffler forever) played the titular character, and could easily rely on a great supporting cast featuring with the likes of Liev Schreiber, Marc-André Grondin (of French-Canadian masterpice C.R.A.Z.Y. fame) and Alison Pill.
Goon was the “little movie that could,” opening to very good reviews, topping the box office in Canada and going on to develop somewhat of a cult following in recent years. It didn’t make nearly enough money in today’s economy to warrant a sequel, but lucky for us it somehow got greenlit. Judging by the trailer, it looks like it’s on track but to be as hilarious as its predecessor.
Jay Baruchel is now fully in charge of the sequel, writing and directing it, which can only ensure good things knowing what a proud Canadian he is. The original cast is back for another round too, so it looks like we’ll see plenty more of Liev Schreiber kicking William Scott’s ass. This time they’ve surrounded themselves with new actors such as Wyatt Russell (Kurt Russell’s son) as well as the hilarious T.J. Miller.
The film follows Doug Clatt (Scott’s character), trying to regain his former status as the best enforcer in the business, and it appears they’ve kept all the elements that made Goon successful in the first place. If we can get as many laughs as we got last time, along with some heart, then we are in for a damn good time. 
Goon 2: Last of the Enforcers releases in Canada in March of 2017. There’s no word on a US release yet but we’re sure it won’t take too long to make it down north.
Watch the trailer here.