Futuristic Ways to Get High at the Beach
Sick of sand getting in your bowl? Try these next-level products to make your beach day a blazing success.
Published on June 7, 2017

While few things in life rival the simple delight of being high at the beach, smoking weed there sucks. Constant, flame-retardant breezes seem inescapable, regardless of countless attempts to make a towel into a wind shield. Children squeal, their opinionated parents wasted on Coors Light, always downwind. On the West coast, you have pesky lifeguards, and on the East coast, the possibility of incarceration. Plus, no one wants to smoke sandy weed.

However, the weed industry has obviously come a long way, and nearly every smoking dilemma  you can imagine can be fixed with a myriad of innovative gear. Gone are the days when one’s only option would be to burn their fingers on a flickering flame that seems to light everything but the bowl. Gone are the joints that immediately turn into some sort of ember canoe, running impossibly fast on one side.

Bottom line, don’t let the elements ruin your good time. Outsmart mother nature, and the mother of that annoying kid running around with a plastic shovel, with these exciting new treats. Aside from lounging to the sound of crashing waves, there’s nothing like eating a bag of laced potato chips while making eye contact with a cop whose sole purpose in life is to ruin someone’s day. To help all our smokers who want to simultaneously bake in the sun and get baked in the sun before jumping in the ocean, here are some futuristic products to make your beach day a blazing success.

The Beboe Pen

The Beboe pen is the chicest way to consume cannabis I’ve come into contact with to date. Founded by celebrity tattoo artist, Scott Campbell, and former fashion executive Clement Kwan, Beboe seeks to refine an industry stereotyped by a corny past. With a celebrity following that includes Orlando Bloom, Sharon Stone, and Justin Theroux, they’re in good company.

This gorgeous, rose gold pen, complete with delicate etchings designed by Campbell himself, offers around 150 hits of their SC Lab-tested sativa oil blend. Sleek and disposable, sand will have nowhere to hide. Upon inhalation, an immediate rush washes over you. To be frank, it’s strong AF.

Visit Beboe’s website for more information on their slick gear...

Yummi Karma Cannabis Chips

After you hit the Beboe pen a number of times and enjoy a lucid, euphoric state of calm that rolls like the summer waves, you might get kind of hungry. When considering edibles to bring to the beach, determining what might melt is of the utmost concern. Baked goods tend to contain chocolate, which can turn an unsuspecting beach bag into a nightmare-scenario within minutes.

Yummi Karma’s Medical Cannabis Chips are perfect to weather any weather you might encounter. The chips are cool because, despite packing 50mg of THC into every bag (2 servings per), you can barely taste the cannabis at all. They come in a variety of flavors, from sriracha to barbeque, with a robustness to the spicing and crunch reminiscent of Kettle Chips.

Visit Yummi Karma’s website for more on the company and its dank-ass edibles...

Keef Sparkling

When it comes to cannabis-infused drinks, “refreshing” isn’t always the word that comes to mind. In my experience, it’s been more of a high calorie, saccharine syrup vibe, not something I’d want to enjoy in the beating hot sun of a mid-June beach day.

Keef Sparkling is the world’s first zero calorie, zero sugar cannabis beverage. With 10mg THC in each bottle, and flavors like Lemon and Blood Orange, this is the perfect way to medicate with the beach in mind. For those who love their soda, Keef Brands also offers an array of Colas, with their Bubba Kush Root Beer winning Best Edible at the 2015 Cannabis Cup. Wherever Keef Colas and Sparklings are sold, a four pack option is available, whether you want to get particularly high yourself, or hook up a friend.

Visit the company’s website for more on their hazy refreshments...

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